The Baltic Triangle In Liverpool: 10 Hotspots You Need To Visit!

Nestled between Toxteth and Liverpool City Centre is The Baltic Triangle in Liverpool – a hub of culture and good vibes!

It’s not too far away from Liverpool One if you fancy a gander, and only takes about 15-minutes to walk it (providing you’re in comfy shoes obvs.)

Although it’s a hot spot for snazzy offices with ping pong tables and fake grass inside, there are actually some proper cool venues here too!

As a student living and studying in our fab accommodation in Liverpool, we’d highly recommend you visit here.

1. Camp and Furnace

67 Greenland St, Liverpool L1 0BY

Camp and Furnace baltic triangle liverpool

Right in the heart of The Baltic Triangle is Camp and Furnace, a mixture of warehouse and studio spaces offering club nights, yummy food festivals, and music nights.

There’s always something buzzing going on here, so it’s the perfect place to visit with your pals for a night out!

You’ll always hear the booming music when you walk past Camp and Furnace, it’s filled with good vibes and a fab atmosphere.

Whether it’s a cheeky bit of bingo or a back to the 90s festival, students will be spoilt for choice when visiting here.

2. Baltic Social

27 Parliament St, Liverpool L8 5RN

Baltic Social

Now this place is BUZZING. Baltic Social brings together yummy food and top tier music in The Baltic Triangle in Liverpool.

Their menu consists of quick bites, small plates and starters, fully loaded fries and seriously tasty desserts.

If you fancy bottomless brunch with your mates, Baltic Social is a fab option too – trust us on this one!

They also offer afternoon tea with a serious twist, including mayo corn dogs, lamb & feta Cornish pasties, taco chicken wings and many more.

3.  Chinatown


The Baltic Triangle in Liverpool is home to Chinatown, Europe’s oldest and largest Chinese community!

You’ll know you’re there when you see the impressive Chinese arch that celebrates the twinning of two cities – Liverpool and Shanghai.

Be sure to take a selfie at the arch and see what cool things you can find in the Chung Wah Supermarket.

Grab yourself a fortune cookie or maybe a seaweed sandwich for 75p if you’re feeling adventurous!

4.  Birdies

29-31 Parliament St, Liverpool L8 5RN

Birdies baltic triangle liverpool

Okay, so this one technically isn’t in the centre of The Baltic Market in Liverpool, but it’s just on the outskirts and close to Camp and Furnace.

You need to visit Birdies when you’re studying in Liverpool! It’s got a great vibe and amazing food to match.

This outdoor cocktail bar is in the heart of Cains Brewery with plenty of beers and the finest street food.

Check out their menu here, and as a side note, we’d deffo recommend the cheese & bacon burger fries *drools.*

Birdies is perfect for a chill after a busy day of studying, it gives you a great chance to unwind and get plenty of selfies.

5.  Ghetto Golf

Cains Brewery, Stanhope St, Liverpool L8 5XJ

Ghetto Golf baltic triangle liverpool

Yasss now you’re talking! Whether you’re a pro at golf or absolutely terrible (like me) you’ve got to visit Ghetto Golf.

The mini golf has 18 holes, and you can enjoy a cheeky bev whilst you’re trying your best to get a hole in one.

Ghetto Golf is for over 18’s only, with local DJ’s and amazing graffiti artwork all over the walls.

The best part about this place though? The golf courses are so unique, who’d have thought a Jeremy Kyle set would double up as a golf course?

This place is boss for an Instagram pic, it’s basically the definition of creative freedom, with graffiti writers covering the walls with…whatever they want!

6.  Black Lodge Brewing

3 Kings Dock St, Liverpool L1 8JU

Black Lodge Brewing

This small-batch brewery based in The Baltic Triangle in Liverpool is definitely worth a visit!

Their taproom is open 10/11pm from Wednesday to Saturday and until 8pm on Sunday, they also have click and collect orders too.

Black Lodge Brewing aim to experiment with creativity to make great beers – what more could you want, right?

The shabby chic venue is the perfect place to unwind after a busy day at uni with your mates if that’s the kind of vibe you like.

Although it’s a bit on the expensive side, it’s so worth a visit if you’re a fan of pale ale.

7. Botanical Garden

49 New Bird St, Liverpool L1 0AH

Botanical Garden

You need to check out this hidden gem at The Baltic Triangle in Liverpool, the garden is perfect for a sunny day!

They offer a variety of cocktails with gin being the main ingredient, but there are also beers available if you’d prefer.

If you’re feeling hungry, they also offer fresh Mexican cuisine from Ta’miya – yummy.

Friday and Saturday nights are all about a variety of DJ sets, giving you the perfect opportunity to get out and have a boogie.

This garden is solely devoted to gin, so if you’re a gin lover, get yourselves down here!

8. Baltic Fleet

33A Wapping, Liverpool L1 8DQ

Baltic Fleet baltic triangle liverpool

This 19th century local Liverpool pub has a booming atmosphere with real ale, craft beers and many more!

Now a grade II listed building, it provides visitors with a warm welcome and a cool liquid refreshment.

The sun-soaked beer terrace is perfect for a summer evening with your mates, and if it’s chilly, sit next to the log burning stove.

9. Sugar And Dice Board Game Café

33 Cornhill, Liverpool L1 8DP

Sugar And Dice Board Game Café

Board games, coffee and cake…what more could you want?

They often bring in new games and re-home older games, which means they have an amazing mix of different ones!

For a full list of games available, check out their website here.

To use their library of games all you need to pay is £2 for an hour, so that’s only a couple of quid!

All the food is added to a tab and you basically pay for everything at the end, nice and easy.

10. Baltic Bakehouse

46 Bridgewater Street, Liverpool, L1 0AY

Baltic Bakehouse Baltic Triangle Liverpool

Ready for a carbs overload? Baltic Bakehouse offers an amazing array of pastries and delicious bread.

It’s not just pastries though, they offer sausage and bacon butties for brekkie as well as doughnuts – hooray!

With great service and great bread to match, it’s no wonder this place is a hot spot for The Baltic Triangle in Liverpool.