young girl with long brown hair eating at a vegan restaurant in Leeds

The Tastiest Vegan Restaurants For Students In Leeds Revealed

31 Aug 2023

Chloe Carr

No matter if you’re a vegan, vegetarian or just someone who’s looking for some delicious plant-based food to enjoy, Leeds has an abundance of vegan restaurants to suit everyone’s tastes and budgets.  If you’re not sure where to head to, you’ll love our student guide, with the tastiest vegan restaurants in Leeds revealed.  To top […]

the night before interview

How To Prepare Yourself & Ease Anxiety The Night Before A Job Interview

30 Aug 2023

Chloe Carr

There’s no doubt about it, the night before a job interview can be super anxiety-inducing, you’re stressed trying to prepare your answers, googling how to get there, and planning your interview attire.  It’s normal to feel worried and on edge prior to a job interview, but don’t worry, with the right preparation, you can set […]

best student bars in leeds

The Best Boozy Student Bars In Leeds To Visit In 2023

23 Aug 2023

Mara Van Geffen

Leeds is renowned for being a brilliant night out, and when you come to find just how many bars are littered here, you’ll understand exactly why. Being a buzzing student city, you can immerse yourself in the Leeds nightlife with like-minded people of similar ages. It also helps that people are super friendly here too, […]

best places to eat in canterbury

The Best Places To Eat In Canterbury Revealed

22 Aug 2023

Chloe Carr

Canterbury, a cathedral city with charming streets and historical vibe, has plenty of hidden food gems that will satisfy your taste buds without breaking the bank.  If you’re studying in Canterbury and are tired of the same old food options, or fancy a night off from cooking in your student accommodation, then stick with us.  […]

best loyalty cards for students

Best Loyalty Cards For University Students In 2023

15 Aug 2023

Mara Van Geffen

One of the best perks about becoming a university student is the amount of student discounts and offers you’ll have access to! Companies understand JUST how much you need it, considering a huge sum of your money is being spent on your degree, living accommodation and food! Loyalty cards are accessible to everyone, however we […]

TikTok Interior Design Trends To Jazz Up Your Student Flat

TikTok Interior Design Trends To Jazz Up Your Student Flat

27 Jul 2023

Chloe Carr

Wondering how you can keep your student apartment on trend this year? If so, you’re going to absolutely love our guide as we’ll be doing a full rundown of the best TikTok interior design trends.  Whilst you can’t redecorate with new wallpaper, flooring or furniture whilst living away from home for university, there’s still plenty […]