girl with her reusable shopping bags to help with sustainability

How To Be Sustainable On A Budget | World Earth Day 2022

5 Apr 2022

Mara Van Geffen

World Earth Day is taking place on April 22nd 2022, and we wanted to celebrate whilst educating in style. If you’re at university, we understand how difficult it is to manage a low-cost budget: the regular night out funds, having to get weekly food shops JUST to survive, and even forking out for an endless […]

aesthetic diary planning to become that girl

How To Become “That Girl” | The ULTIMATE Guide

3 Mar 2022

Mara Van Geffen

If you’re not living under a rock, you’ll have definitely come across the Tiktok trend on how to become “that girl”. But let’s face it, what exactly is “that girl”?!  Is there a definition?  Who made it up? Honestly, we need answers and tbh there doesn’t seem to be a straight answer. It’s a concept […]

man working on his apple watch

Top Apple Watch Apps For Students Revealed | 2022

28 Feb 2022

Katt Ekrami

An Apple Watch makes it impossible to have an excuse as to why you aren’t fit, organised, productive, listening to podcasts and a trivia expert all at the same time. The thing is, there are so many apps out there that purport to streamline your very existence that downloading them all would be very counterproductive […]

spa day

Looking For A Spa Day In Nottingham? Top 10 Places To Visit

31 Jan 2022

Matt King

Our student accommodation in Nottingham brings you to a prime location and a fantastic city to study and live in. There is loads going on in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, a hectic, fast-paced city. Sometimes though, you need to sit back, relax, and watch the world go by a little.  We’ve put together a […]