10 Bands from Liverpool You Should Add to Your Playlist

Liverpool is a city built on the love of music. Everywhere you turn you’ll see and hear something about The Beatles, whether you’re down at The Cavern on Mathew Street, out at Penny Lane or by those big statues of the Fab Four down at the Pier Head.

Moving through from the Merseybeat sound we had some great bands here in the decades since, from Echo & the Bunnymen through Frankie Goes to Hollywood, The Lightning Seeds, Cast, The Coral, The Zutons, and The Stands, through to the modern crop of Liverpool bands.

What about the latest batch of bands from Liverpool? As always, there is a thriving, eclectic music scene in the city.

We’ve put together a list of 10 of the best bands from Liverpool right now, those who are making their mark on the city and beyond, the next wave to make that Mersey sound crash and reverberate around the rest of the country.

Stick in your headphones, get ready to dance away and listen to the Scouse sounds of now on Spotify.


1. Red Rum Club

A reputation built on a live sound, Red Rum Club are now one of the biggest bands from Liverpool, a crown jewel in the local music scene that are going on to bigger things.

With 3 albums under their belt now, the hard-working band have developed songs that are filled with the melodies all great Liverpool bands write, a laid-back feel that has something a little bit different when you throw in the trumpet (not the sound you’d come to expect in a modern rock band), and the sounds of rock, R’n’B and even disco

Red Rum Club Spotify


2. Zuzu

Queen of the Liverpool scene, Zuzu has the world in the palm of her hands and doesn’t plan on giving it up anytime soon.

She’s worked hard to get to this point, putting in the hours of practice, making her own pop videos and recording at her home studio to begin with, before playing live as often as possible and honing those skills.

Zuzu is fun, engaging, and the music has that indie-rock hook that draws you in and doesn’t let go.

You’ll be singing along at the top of your lungs to songs like “What you Want” and “Queensway Tunnel”.

Zuzu’s music is rooted firmly in Merseyside, writing authentic, punchy lyrics and a pop sensibility that’ll soon make her your new favourite pop star.

Zuzu Spotify


3. The Mysterines

Unapologetic rock with that swagger and confidence that the best bands have in abundance, The Mysterines have been banging on the door for some time now and their debut album ‘Reeling’ has proved that they have the credentials to be around for a long time as one of the best rock bands in the country, not just one of the best bands from Liverpool.

The pace is fast, the music is fun and exciting, and the songs carry you along like a crowd-surfing God, fuelled by the raw power and passionate melody, vocals and driving rhythm and bass section.

The Mysterines are confident in the songs they write, the live shows they put out and the quality of the band.

They expect the adoration of the fans and at every stage of their young career so far, they’ve made the step up, filling every venue when they take the next step up in capacity and wowing the crowds again and again.

They want to achieve, to write great records and keep growing a fanbase. What’s the point in being in a band if you don’t want to be great? This attitude will get them far!

The Mysterines Spotify


4. Seatbelts

Many of the best bands from Liverpool have a light, breezy indie pop sound and Seatbelts are the best out of the current crop to hail from Merseyside.

Coming from the remnants of the missed band Hooton Tennis Club, Seatbelts has an eclectic sound space that gives all the members a chance to shine.

What you can expect from Seatbelts is that charm and witty lyricism to get you thinking about capitalism and the advancement of technology in the modern world, but it’s all wrapped up in sounds that transport you to a calm, cool, other space that is far removed from the dark and dreary weather of the north west.

That’s what we’ve come to expect from the best bands from Liverpool – charm and wit with a sound that gets your feet moving.

Seatbelts Spotify


5. Monks

Monks have a band created in all corners of Merseyside, from Wavertree, Sefton, and Ellesmere Port.

You can hear the Tame Impala, psych-dance influences all over their sound and it has a definite polish to it that you don’t often expect from a young band – you definitely don’t expect to hear the combination of synths and trumpet.

The sound is bouncy and fun, simplistic yet complex to create the psych, dream-pop sound that is loved in this city.

The trumpet definitely brings an air of dreaminess to any song, a creative twist that makes Monks different from their contemporaries in Liverpool.

Monks YouTube Channel


6. Beija Flo

Beija Flo is a Liverpudlian activist, bringing in elements of performance art and education into the music and live shows.

No topic is off-limits when it comes to her work, discussing mental health, love, and relationships and much more in her lyrics.

Beija Flo creates her own world with a sonic landscape that skips from genre to genre and showcases what it is to be a true artist, not just a musician.

Beija Flo Spotify


7. Torture and the Desert Spiders

One of the hardest working bands from Liverpool that you’ll see, Torture and the Desert Spiders are the tightest band around, creating an intimacy with the audience that is difficult to find with most bands and artists these days.

The garage-punk sound from Anna Kunz has continued to develop in each city and place that they have lived.

From New York to London, and now Liverpool, there is a balance of raw punk sounds atop an ethereal wave of other-worldly sounds.

Torture and the Desert Spiders Spotify



Sometimes all you want is straightforward indie rock guitars.

indie rock tradition with definite influence from the indie guitar bands from the 2000s like The Cribs.

RATS have those melodic guitar riffs and that summer-shimmer that only bands from Liverpool have no matter how gritty the sound is.

Listening to RATS gives you a glimpse into a night out in Liverpool, perfect poetic descriptions of the Liverpool streets – plenty of the famous Liverpudlian humour on show, energy and charm that has led to RATS becoming a firm favourite on the live scene in the city.

The shows just keep getting bigger and better.

RATS Spotify


9. The Sway

The Sway have had some big support slots in recent times, playing before Jamie Webster and The Lathums in front of sizable crowds.

They’ve got a good set of uplifting indie anthems under their belt now and it all stems from being a group of childhood friends who loved music and grew together.

The dreamy melodies and laid-back grooves are something that fit well within the psyche of Liverpool as a music city and The Sway are the perfect band to scoop you up and take you somewhere else, a pleasant way to spend an hour.

The Sway Spotify



STONE are the Liverpool embodiment of modern punk, described as Merseyside Gen Z Punks by some.

They take in a wide range of influences from IDLES back to The Streets and before that Sonic Youth.

At times of great political and economic upheaval you find the best punk bands come through, and STONE are one of the best examples of that in Liverpool, singing proudly in the Scouse accent about the issues that matter to their generation.

The pace is fast and frenetic, with the band focusing on performing at full throttle every time they set foot on a stage, leaving a lasting impression to anyone who goes to one of their gigs.

They’ll grab you by the neck, shake the room and leave you feeling like you’ve spent an hour in a washing machine – no other live show like it out there at the moment.

Lead singer Finlay Power has Scouse greatness in his heritage, the son of John Power, of The La’s and Cast -two of the greatest bands from Liverpool ever.

STONE YouTube Channel



For every generation there have been bands from Liverpool that have spoken directly to them, singing songs about the things that matter. Living as a student in Liverpool gives you the chance to walk the same steps as many music fans of the past. There will always be great bands out of this city and you’re lucky to be here to experience the next wave of Scouse bands.

Who are your favourites on the Liverpool scene? Let us know and we’ll add them to our playlist. There is always cracking live music from all genres on a night out in Liverpool. It’s a city blessed with venues big and small, something in the air that makes people receptive to honest, hardworking bands with great tunes. We hope you like these bands from Liverpool and find your own bands whilst living here.