Top Student Tips For Online Exams

Eek! It’s coming up to exam season, which means you’re definitely in need of some tips on online exams – right?

Granted, online exams are a totally new concept, and change can be pretty daunting when it comes to exams.

There’s so many different types of remote exams, including ‘open book’ where you can refer to your notes, and longer exams.

Taking all this into consideration, we want you to remember that this isn’t a time to panic! We’ve got you.

We ensure that our cosy student accommodation has all the best facilities including study desks and reliable Wi-Fi.

So, let’s take a look at some top tips for online exams, good luck!

Are Online Exams More Difficult?

You’re probably wondering if online exams are more difficult? Our answer is no, you to just stay positive!

Students need to remember to prepare for online exams just as much as in-hall exams, they’re definitely no easier.

You may find the concept of revision difficult, especially because you’re sitting at home, surrounded by lots of notes!

It’s best to keep your notes organised and summarised and condense your notes into a snazzy, neat word document.

Remember, although you may be sat in your dressing gown with a cuppa, you still need to take this seriously!

Make sure you take regular breaks for essay-based questions, you’re not going to be able to answer all of them in one day.

Our best advice to you is – try to stay comfortable, don’t feel under pressure, and make the most of the control!

1. Good Internet Connection

Good Internet Connection

This point may seem a little obvious, but you need to make sure you have a good internet connection for your exams!

Make sure you’ve got no other tabs open that may slow down your laptop, and deffo don’t stream Netflix in the background.

Luckily for students living and studying with us, fast Wi-Fi throughout the building is included in their rent – hurrah!

But, to avoid any mishaps, make sure your internet is working correctly before the exam and keep tabs to a minimum.

2. Comfortable Set Up

Comfortable Set Up - Tips For Online Exams

One of the main top tips for online exams from us is to ensure you have a comfortable setup – it’s so important.

We obviously don’t mean being tucked up in bed with loads of blankets until you fall asleep, but to make sure you’re sitting comfortably!

By all means, if you know you’ll be able to do your exam in your bed, that’s cool too! But we’d recommend at least sitting at your study desk.

Ensure you have some form of hydration next to you, whether that be a cuppa or some water, and your chair is comfortable.

Maybe pop a cushion on your chair if you know you’re going to be sat there for a long time, after all, you don’t want backache!

3. Keep Your Notes Consolidated

Keep Your Notes Consolidated

This was perhaps one of the most popular top tips for online exams from fellow students!

You need to make sure your notes are nice and consolidated because the last thing you want is to be panicking.

Online exams are frequently open-book and open-note, so you must ensure you’ve got everything close by.

The last thing you want is to be unable to find your notes, or a specific book you’ve been looking for, so be prepared!

Pop all your notes onto a handy word document or notebook with contents, that way you’ll know where to go for what you need.

4. No Distractions

No Distractions - Tips For Online Exams

One of the downsides to doing a remote exam is that you may be open to more distractions.

Whether that be from flatmates, someone else’s TV, or your phone buzzing every 5 minutes!

Make sure you let your flatmates know you’ll be sitting an exam that day so they can’t distract you, you’ll be thankful.

It might be worth popping your phone into airplane mode, or even turning it off, so you don’t get tempted with Insta.

Although you’re sat in your student digs, this is still an exam, so to get yourself in that mindset, you need to treat it like one.

5. Take It Seriously

Take It Seriously - Tips For Online Exams

This kind of highlights our previous point, but students need to take online exams seriously, it’s just the same!

We know it can be difficult to take things seriously when you’re sat in your dressing gown with a hot choc, but you’ll have to try.

That’s why we recommend making sure your environment is as quiet as possible, with no distractions.

Although you may not need to revise just as much as online exams are open-note/book, still prepare appropriately.

6. Practice Mindfulness

Practice Mindfulness

Exam stress is very REAL, and very rubbish, so one of our top tips for online exams would be to practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness can be achieved through breathing and meditation practices and involves remaining focused on the present.

If this sounds a little confusing, don’t worry, there are plenty of fabulous apps and YouTube channels to get you started.

We’d highly recommend Headspace and Calm, as well as TED Talks on YouTube for more inspo.

Remember to stay calm, stay focused, and be confident…you got this. We BELIEVE in you!

7. Get A Good Sleep

Get A Good Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely key, especially when you’ve got an online exam the next day!

You need to find the right balance though because you don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself to fall asleep – else you won’t!

We’d recommend having a hot (caffeine-free) drink before bed, avoiding screen time, and getting lost in a book.

DON’T read over your exam notes the night before an exam, this is slightly controversial advice but you’ll only worry yourself.

So, grab a nice hot shower in your student accommodation, get snuggly in your comfy bed, and try to relax as much as possible.

If you can’t sleep though, don’t worry, it’ll only make you feel worse! Just chill out – you’ll drift off eventually!

8. Take Breaks

Take Breaks - tips for online exams

One of our final top tips for online exams is to take breaks! Breaks are so important during exams.

You can’t always take breaks when you actually have to sit exams, so make the most of the fact you can now!

If you’ve got a long exam that’s going to take up most of the day, be sure to take a few minutes to relax.

With essay-based questions, you can often find yourself getting lost and confused with all the words, so try to take breaks.

Keep hydrated, take your eyes away from the screen for a few minutes, then crack on and smash it!

We hope you found these top student tips for exams useful, times are pretty strange right now in terms of exams – but we need to stay positive! Hey, it’s not every day you get to take an exam in your student accommodation wearing your PJ’s, right? In all seriousness though, try to relax and be mindful. You got this.

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