The Wellbeing Hub: 9 Best Walking Apps To Get You Moving

There’s nothing like a nice walk to get you moving, especially after a long day at uni!

Luckily for students living in our cosy accommodation, we’ve found some of the best walking apps to help you out.

Whether you’re wanting to track your steps, or you’re after a new walking spot close to your new home, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s take a look at 10 of the best walking apps to get you going.

1. Map My Walk

Map My Walk

Fancy a walk or a run? The Map My Walk app will track and map every walk you do, and for every mile you do, you’ll get stats and feedback to improve your performance!

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro walker, this app is great for keeping you active whilst you’re at uni.

This app will give you real-time audio coaching for stats like pace, distance and duration on your run/walks.

The best part about this app though? It really is just one big community! You can share workouts, find friends and athletes to motivate you, and join challenges.

Download the app here and get your best walking shoes on!

2. StepsApp Pedometer

StepsApp Pedometer 

This app is simple but still super effective, it basically turns your iPhone into a step counter, great for those lengthy summer walks.

Are you ready to burn some calories? This app will let you know how many you’ve burnt and award you with medals!

You can also synchronize and import your activity data via Apple Health and securely store your burned calories.

For those students who are trying to get into better shape, you can visually see your progress in the widget which is pretty cool!

Download the app here.

3. Footpath Route Planner

Footpath Route Planner

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the nights are getting longer…so what can you do?

Go on a big, long walk with your friends of course! Luckily, the footpath route planner will figure it all out for you.

Map routes with your finger and footpath will snap to roads and trails, measuring distances and elevations in seconds!

If you want to plan for a trip on the weekend after a long day at uni, you can keep up to five routes on the app for reference.

You can also send routes to your friends just so they know the plan for the walk to open on their device.

It’s not just running that this app is good for though, you can also use it for sporty activities such as cycling, mountain biking, driving and even sailing!

If you’re really into your walks, you could upgrade to “Footpath elite” which has premium maps, turn-by-turn navigation and many more.

Download the app here to find out more!

4. Fitbit App Mobile Tracker

FitBit App

You might’ve already heard of Fitbit, but if you haven’t, we’re here to tell you more about this fabulous app!

This is probably one of the most popular general fitness apps around and it’s pretty much one big community.

Not only is it one of the best walking apps, but it’s also great for mindfulness and your mental health too!

It even has fun features like a sleep tracker, where you can see how many hours of sleep you get a night and the quality of that sleep.

The app also has a built-in pedometer, so if you’re wanting to get your steps in, you can track them through Fitbit!

If you have an Apple Watch or a Fitbit Watch, you can of course sync this to the app to keep everything all in one place.

Download the app here!

5. Go Jauntly

Go Jauntly

This has made our list of best walking apps purely because it shows students you don’t have to travel to the great outdoors for a good hike.

It helps you find a great walking route right on your doorstep, and our fabulous accommodation is close to plenty!

There are over 1500 walks in the app within the vast majority of the UK and it’s free to use – a total bonus.

With their new nature notes feature, you can capture the good things you see in nature and reflect (beneficial to your wellbeing and mindfulness.)

Get the app here!

6. Nike Run Club

Nike Run

You can use this app for either running or walking, so don’t let the name of it put you off if you don’t want to run!

It has GPS tracking, weekly and monthly distance challenges and customized coaching plans if you want to test yourself.

Users can celebrate their achievements with badges and trophies, and once again, this app has a real community feel.

Download the app here!


7. OutDoors


The next one of our best walking apps is OutDoors – a perfect excuse to get your steps in this summer!

It allows you to explore the British countryside and is the only app that combines all of your favourite OS maps.

Find or plan a route by choosing from over 200,000 free routes, then navigate using the built-in compass & simple direction view.

If you don’t feel like walking, don’t worry! This app is also perfect for hikers, runners, cyclists and even photographers.

Download the app here to find out more!

8. Strava

Strava Best Walking Apps

The Strava app is another fab app for recording your walks, runs and cycling routes which also has stats too!

It’ll compare your stats to previous ones and lets you connect and share with friend and followers.

It’s an app which is fab to download with your mates to see what they’re up to and their general progress too.

Download the app here and get walking!

9. Google Fit

Google Fit best walking apps

After something to count your steps? Google Fit is a great app to do just that, you’ll be walking 10,000 steps daily in no time!

You’ll be surprised how many steps you can do just by mooching around, and this app will reveal all.

Download the app here!

We hope you found these suggestions useful! There’s nothing like a good walk to get some fresh air after a long day at university and these apps will get you on your way. Why not treat yourself to a fakeaway after your long walk? Don’t know what a fakeaway is? Find out more here on our latest blog and prepare for some seriously yummy recipes.