The Student Guide To Oktoberfest 2022

Coming up soon is Oktoberfest 2022, a guaranteed weekend of fun with your friends!

Are you wondering what Oktoberfest is? Or are you keen to find celebrations near your student accommodation? Well, you can find out within our guide.

After all, what better excuse to drink, party and have a good time than at this German festival! 

Oktoberfest 2022

History of Oktoberfest 

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest festival that celebrates German beer, cuisine and entertainment and is held annually across the globe. 

The festival is an important part of Bavarian culture having been held in Munich since 1810, when King Ludwig I married Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. 

Citizens of Munich were invited to attend the festivities to celebrate the royal marriage. Originally, the festival included horse races, beer and entertainment in the style of that era.

The events should be repeated in 1811 – starting the tradition of what is now known worldwide as Oktoberfest.

Traditions changed over time which saw various activities such as tree climbing, bowling alleys, swings, carnival booths and other attractions included within the festival up until what you see today.

Today it is mainly considered a food and drink festival with fantastic entertainment and celebrations like any festival, except this one focuses on German culture – we LOVE it!

History of Oktoberfest

When Did Oktoberfest Come To The UK?

Oktoberfest has only recently become a popular festival within the UK, with the first edition of the festival being held in 2011 in London. With other major cities following soon after like Manchester, which held their first Oktoberfest in 2014.

These days, the festival is widely celebrated and now attracts around 50,000 people each year in different cities across the UK, so it’s for sure grown in popularity 

It is a chance for people to delve into German culture through tasting some amazing beers and enjoying traditional food and music.

Why not get involved with this year’s addition?! It’s set to be a great year having a hiatus for two years due to the pandemic. 

To get in the mood for the festivities, why not dress the part and find your best lederhosen or dirndl outfit (the traditional dress of the Bavarian celebration) to wear that weekend.

Also to really get in the spirit of things, greet your fellow revellers with “Servus”. If you would like to raise a toast say “Prost” and if you are really in the party mood the Bavarian drinking cry is “Oans, zwoa, drei, g’suffa” – one, two, three, drink!

Oktoberfest uk

What Events Are Taking Place For Oktoberfest 2022?

This year, Oktoberfest is taking place on Saturday, 17 September until Monday, 3 October which gives you a wide time frame to join in the German beer-fuelled fun across cities in the UK.

If you are wondering what events are there near you, then read our Oktoberfest guide to find out….

1. Manchester

If you are in or near Manchester then make sure the 13th to 16th October in your diary is free!

Why? For a fun weekend of partying of course! Head down to Platt Fields Park for this year’s Manchester Oktoberfest.

You can have an authentic Oktoberfest experience with live music from bands who have travelled all the way from Germany, and specially made Bavarian beer served by waiters and waitresses in dirndl and lederhosen.

There are a variety of tickets available to choose from – this includes student tickets at the price of £7.50, this will get you a seat at the event and your first Bavarian beer.

Manchester Oktoberfest

2. Canterbury

Oktoberfest celebrations this year are being held at  The Westgate Hall  in Canterbury.

30th September – 1st October – are dates to definitely remember!

The event Includes Bavarian beer from ABK – a brewery specialising in German beer, Bavarian style street food and a range of live bands and DJ’s. Sounds fun doesn’t it, eh?

So don your best lederhosen and dirndls (traditional german clothing) and make your way there.

Don’t forget to grab your tickets to ensure you don’t miss out on the fun! 

Canterbury Oktoberfest

3. Leeds

If you’re a student in Leeds then keep your weekends free for the 23rd – 24th September and 30th September – 1st October!

During these two weekends you can enjoy festivities full of good tunes, German beer and food – what more could you ask for?

This year’s Oktoberfest is being held at Leeds biggest beer garden, Chow Down, Temple Arches.

Tickets are available now, get them quick before they go.

Leeds Oktoberfest

4. Liverpool

There are tons of different events taking place in Liverpool for Oktoberfest, most notably at Sefton Park on September 28 – October 2! 

There’s also great events taking place down at the Bierkeller and Hanger34. 

You can jump straight into the action with live Oompah bands, German food from independent traders and German beer for an authentic Oktoberfest experience, plus loads more expected across the different venues in the city. 

So grab your friends and get tickets here

Liverpool Oktoberfest

5. Leicester

For a traditional Oktoberfest experience head over to Victoria Park in Leicester. The date you need to remember is the 29th October!

You’ll be entertained in true Bavarian style, with traditional German music that will have you foot stomping and singing along.

Fill your bellies with traditional German food and raise your steins to the tasty German beer for a fun weekend with friends.

Sign up for presale tickets now.

Leicester Oktoberfest

6. Newcastle

Newcastle are hosting three huge weekends for Oktoberfest – from 14th October to 31st October!

This year’s addition will be hosted in Times Square. 

A fantastic weekend is guaranteed with Bavarian beers, Bratwurst sausages and absolute bangers delivered by the UK’s best Oompah Bavarian party bands. Plus much more.

They even have two halloween special Oktoberfest days on the 28th and 29th October – you don’t want to miss.

Book tickets now!

Newcastle Oktoberfest

7. Nottingham

Oktoberfest comes to Nottingham on the 1st October!

Be ready with your lederhosen and dirndls for a day and night of celebration at Lime Lane Woods.

With a wide range of things to experience from Oompah bands and performers and German beers to Pretzels and Bratwursts – it will be a day to remember for sure.

So hurry now and get your tickets.

Nottingham Oktoberfest

8. Sheffield

Oktoberfest arrives at Network on the 8th October!

Bringing you the best Bavarian bands, food and beer for a day and night of drinking and entertainment.

So grab your steins, lederhosen and dirndls and be ready to party the day away.

Buy tickets whilst they’re still there.

Sheffield Oktoberfest

We’re sure if your city or town isn’t on the list there will still be something great happening for the celebration.

Skiddle gives you a run down of Oktoberfest celebrations across the UK so go check it out! 

Or better yet, why not create your own small celebration?

You can all chip in to buy some German beer, sausages and pretzels, use Spotify or YouTube to find some good German songs and decorate your student halls for your own traditional Oktoberfest. 

We hope our Oktoberfest guide has helped you learn a bit more about the festival and where you can celebrate. Have a great time, we sure will! 

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