How To Prepare Yourself & Ease Anxiety The Night Before A Job Interview

There’s no doubt about it, the night before a job interview can be super anxiety-inducing, you’re stressed trying to prepare your answers, googling how to get there, and planning your interview attire. 

It’s normal to feel worried and on edge prior to a job interview, but don’t worry, with the right preparation, you can set yourself up for success. 

In this guide we’ll be discussing how you can prepare yourself and ease your anxiety the night before a job interview, so stick with us! 

the night before interview

1. Prepare Your Questions 

The night before your job interview, you should prepare some questions that you want to ask, as it’s not just you who’s being quizzed. 

Asking around 2-3 questions at the end of your interview will show your enthusiasm for the job, and after all, it shouldn’t be one-sided, as you need to discover if the company and role is right for you. 

Once the interview has come to an end, now is the time to ask questions about the company culture, job responsibilities or what a typical day looks like. 

Preparing some questions to ask the night before is a good idea, as you don’t want your mind to go blank! 

writing down questions

2. Research The Company 

Did you know that 82% of interviewers will reject a job candidate if they don’t understand the employer’s business? Yep, that’s true! 

By learning more about the business, it will show that you’re genuinely interested in working for them, and you may be asked questions relating to your knowledge of the company. 

Researching a company pre-interview is also important because you will have a competitive edge over other candidates if you know more about your potential workplace. 

In this digital age it’s easier than ever to research companies, you can head to their website, read news articles, check their LinkedIn or other social media platforms. 

If you know who’s interviewing you, it could be worth doing a bit of background research on them too (in a professional manner) as this can make you stand out. 

You can even use sites like Glassdoor and Indeed to discover what former employees have to say about working for the company, although everyone’s experience will be different. 

researching about a company night before job interview

3. Choose Your Outfit 

Your stress levels will be high the morning of your interview if you’re scrambling through your wardrobe for a suitable outfit, or if you discover your shirt needs ironing before leaving the house. 

So, the night before your interview it’s a good idea to plan what you’re going to wear and get your outfit ready to go – then there’s one less thing to worry about! 

When choosing what to wear, you should think about whether it’s appropriate or not, such as, you may need to follow a business casual dress code.  

If you’re in doubt of what to wear, it’s always better to overdress than underdress, showing up in jeans and a t-shirt when everyone else is in suits isn’t a great impression! 

It could be worth checking the weather forecast the night before and getting an umbrella and raincoat ready to go too, considering how unpredictable the UK weather can be.

planning interview outfit  

4. Plan Your Travel 

Another great way to prepare yourself the night before a job interview is to plan your route and how long it will take you to get to the location.

Although, you should take into account things may not go as you planned, for example there could be traffic on the day, road works, adverse weather conditions or so on. 

It’s important to allow yourself extra time to get to the interview, as the last thing you want to do is be late as this won’t look too good. 

If you’re early to the interview and have some time to spare, you can always grab a cuppa and sit somewhere to relax beforehand, it beats running late! 

When it comes to virtual interviews, you should also plan where you’re going to do it, such as in a quiet space in your student flat, like your desk, and get all the equipment ready.

travelling to job interview  

5. Practice Makes Perfect 

During a job interview you will be asked questions like what makes you a good fit for the role, what achievements you’ve made, the previous experiences you have and so on. 

To help you prepare for the interview questions, you could ask your family or friends to do a mock job interview to help you practise and build confidence for the real thing.

The person who is role-play interviewing you will be able to give you some feedback to help you improve your performance.  

It’s worth noting though, employers can ask all sorts of questions when interviewing so there’s no guarantee you’ll be asked the questions you’ve prepared for. 

The best thing to do is to read the job description carefully and be clear on the skills and qualities the employer is looking for! 

mock interview with friend

6. Print Out Your CV 

In preparation for your job interview, you should print off a few copies off your CV (Curriculum Vitae) and cover letter to give the people who are interviewing you.

It’s also worth bringing along a notebook and pen to jot down any useful information, and if necessary a portfolio of work to showcase the interviewers, although you’ll likely be told in advance what you need to bring.

It could also be worth writing down a list of notes or pre-written questions that you can refer to within the interview. 

Like the saying goes, fail to prepare, prepare to fail! 

printing off your curriculum vitae

7. Get Plenty Of Sleep 

To help you stay alert and focused for your job interview, it’s crucial to get plenty of sleep the night before, which should be around 7-9 hours. 

Your morning self will thank you when you wake up well rested after getting a good night’s sleep, and it will also reduce your stress and anxiety levels. 

We’d suggest turning off your phone, TV and any other devices around 30-minutes before going to sleep, because the blue light they emit is harmful to your eyes. 

If your nerves are getting the better of you and you’re struggling to fall asleep, you could try some natural sleep remedies like lavender pillow spray or camomile herbal tea. 

getting plenty of sleep

8. Ditch Imposter Syndrome 

Feeling a bit nervous before a job interview is normal and many people will feel the same, but don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back from showcasing your true abilities and potential. 

It’s important to remind yourself that an employer will invite you to a job interview if they think you have what it takes to succeed at their company and are suitable for the job role. 

So, try to ditch your imposter syndrome by looking over your CV and job application to remind yourself of the skills and knowledge you possess and your achievements. 

job interview imposter syndrome

9. Make The Most Of University Resources 

If you’re a student or recent graduate, you should take advantage of the career services and support offered by your university. 

You will be able to access interview sessions, resume critiques, interview preparation workshops and receive tailored advice based on your field of study. 

Your university website should also have helpful resources to find part-time jobs, placements, internships and career options for when you graduate. 

Utilising the resources available at your university can help you gain valuable insights, receive feedback on your interview techniques, and build your confidence! 

making the most of university resources

10. Relax

After doing some preparation for your job interview, ensure that you take some time to relax and unwind the night before, you don’t want to get yourself all worked up.

There’s only so much preparation you can do in the 24 hours leading up to your interview, so after you’ve done this, try to do things which make you feel relaxed. 

Whether it’s watching TV, having a bath, reading a book, going for a walk, or so on, do whatever works for you to get you in the right frame of mind. 

If you’re struggling to stay calm prior to an interview, try deep breathing exercises or mindfulness techniques. 

Remember, there’s only so much you can do at this stage and you’ve likely prepared enough, just give it your best shot! 

relaxing at home night before job interview

By taking on board these job interview preparations, you will feel rearing and ready to go, and fingers crossed you’ll succeed! 

We wish you all the best if you have an upcoming job interview, and remember, you can only try your best. 

How do you prepare for a job interview? Do you do these things? Let us know @urbanstudentlife.

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