40 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas To Impress Your Friends And Family

Are you in need of some inspiration for Christmas gift ideas this year? 

Honestly, it feels like December has just hit us like a ton of bricks and we are so not prepared when it comes to buying presents.

Who feels like they’re still going to be shopping online with three days to go? Hands up? Everyone? Good – we feel you.

Okay so we’ve tried to organise together the best gift ideas for ALL of those special individuals in your life. From your parents to your best pals, these treats are guaranteed to get your wallets burning…oops!

Especially being students, like who SERIOUSLY has the money to be spending fortunes on Christmas gifts? The cheaper the better.

For the coolest stocking fillers, Secret Santa gifts and present ideas for the whole family, keep on reading this epic blog of brilliance…

1. Christmas Gift Ideas for Mum

christmas present ideas for mum

From years (and years and years) of experience, Mum’s are much easier to buy for when it comes to cheap gifts

They will love absolutely everything you buy them, and a lot of it doesn’t cost much whatsoever!

However we’ve combined our knowledge together and brought you the perfect gift list for Mum

1. Perfume

perfume christmas present

A guaranteed favourite for all mums. ‘Cos really, there’s nothing better than smelling delicious – right?

To keep it cheap, head to the likes of Boots and Superdrug for some super cheap options.

2. Jewellery   

Jewellery, depending on where you head, can become so expensive! So, we’re going to list some of our favourite, cheaper end companies you need to try asap.

Be careful as these shops will have some pricey items, but we’re just as obsessed with the cheaper Christmas gifts they offer as well. 

3. Photo book

 Christmas Gift Ideas with photos in

Get the baby photos out and make your Mum her very own photo book! 

When shopping on the likes of Photobox, they have SO many amazing deals for you to grab and the quality of their products are insane. You will fall in love. 

4. Bath and Body Luxuries

Now, we’re not talking about the usual bits you can buy from Boots (as lovely as they are). We’re thinking more about the sets you can grab from the likes of Lush and L’occitane!

Your Mum will love you if you put a little extra thought into their Christmas gift ideas, especially buying from self care shops such as these.

5. Vouchers For A Meal

vouchers for a meal

Experience sort of presents may not feel like much to open, but they sure do the trick when it comes to pleasing your fam. 

One of the reasons we love this idea for cheap Christmas presents is because you can control how much you spend. 

Log onto Wowcher and have a look if they do any restaurant deals for this year, there’s so much choice – prepare to be ‘wowed!’

6. Night Away

picture of a suitcase

Probs one of the more expensive Christmas presents we’ve popped onto the list, but again, Wowcher Travel allows you to save £££ on nights away around the world. 

7. Hair care routine

Who’s as obsessed with Olaplex as we are?!

If so, treat your Mum to one of the best hair care brands ever released! 

When shopping on Lookfantastic, you can even get a 20% student discount, saving you extra money on your hair care gifts this year.

8. Pyjama’s

A guaranteed favourite for all Mums. 

Think about shopping in the likes of M&S, Boux Avenue, Next or Matalan!

9. Slippers

comfy slippers at home

Pairing this with your PJ’s, Slippers are one of the best Christmas presents you can get for your Mum. 

They will be worn until there’s no sole left, and that’s why we know they’re going to be soooo happy!

John Lewis have some UGG style slippers for a bargain price of £19! And we bet they’re just as cosy – have you seen the picture?!

10. Candles


Mmmm who doesn’t love coming in from the crisp cold weather to the delicious smells of a candle?

PS candles may not seem like it, but they can become so expensive depending on what brand you pick.

We’re advocates for Next’s candles, and Yankee Candle (of course).

2. Cheap Christmas Gifts For Dad

tree in christmas time

In comparison, does anyone else get really stuck on what to get Dad for the holiday season?

They’re like an enigma and we bet they’re sick of receiving the same pair of socks every year. 

Don’t worry though, we’re here to help out! From stocking fillers to main prezzies, after reading this you deffo won’t be stuck for inspo.

1. Whiskey glasses

whiskey glasses

If your Dad drinks Whiskey, this present is a must have for 2021. 

We’ve found a nice, but relatively cheap one from Wayfair which you can pick up for Christmas. 

It comes in a boujee gift set with a wooden box, making it look like you’ve put a little extra thought into his present. 

2. Organiser

You’ve probably seen these all over Amazon, but these tech organisers are the perfect gift for Dads.

For the tech dads out there, this is a must have to keep all the Apple products charged. 

3. Beard set

shaving foam for mens face

Is this a kop out?!?! Lol oops.

Probs but it’s a must have for any Dads growing a beard.

4. Beer Making Kit

beer making kit from brewdog

Who needs to buy beer when you can make it yourself?

We honestly think this kit is super cool and your Dad will love it. 

5. Slippers

Again, Slippers are essential for the ultimate cosiness! 

6. Cufflinks

For any dads that need something to spruce up their suits for work or a special event.

And, by getting them engraved, you’re basically adding an extra element which will make them smile. 

7. Headphones

mens headphones as a cheap christmas gifts

To get cheap gifts such as headphones, why not head to Argos and have a look at the selection they have? 

8. Vouchers

comedian standing in front of crowd

Has your Dad got a favourite comedian, or band they’ve been desperate to see?

We think that buying a voucher for the likes of Ticketmaster will make the festive season SO exciting.

9. Experience

Similarly to Mums, your Dad will enjoy an experience day just as much! To keep it cheap, stick to websites such as Wowcher.

10. Personalised Mug

personalised mug cheap christmas gift

Would it really be Christmas without popping in a personalised Mug for your Dad?

Etsy has some of the best ones, so check them out here!

3. Cheap Christmas Presents For Boys

christmas gift ideas for 2021

Maybe it’s for your brother, or a special someone in your love life…awwwwwww.

If so, we’ve curated the perfect list of Christmas gifts you need for 2021!

1. Gym gear

You can NEVER have too much stuff for the gym. 

From clothes, to actual weight sets, Gym gear is perfect stocking fillers for this year. 

2. Socks

Holiday season is ALL about giving socks, and laughing about it when they open it ‘cos it’s such an obvious present!

3. Aftershave

aftershave christmas gift ideas 2021

There’s so many cheap aftershaves out there that boys love! Make sure to check out The Perfume Shop for the firm faves of many UK boys. 

4. Drinking games

Find a boy who isn’t competitive…if you’re struggling, that’s ‘cos every single boy has a HUGE competitive alter ego that only comes out when the Christmas games are out.

Why not invest in a drinking game, a stack of cards or drunk Jengo for this Christmas? 

5. Chain

craftd chain christmas gifts idea

Chains are so in this Christmas and we love it!

You can choose from a range of styles, but CRAFTD stock chains that won’t get old. 

6. Mugs

A classic, of course. You can’t really go wrong with a cuppa for tea and coffee – right?

7. Sliders

sliders for mens feet

Having indoor shoes, such as Sliders, are the perfect gift for this Christmas which won’t cost much at all. 

8. Wallet

wallet with money in as a gift for christmas gift

Every boy needs a wallet! Yes, Apple Pay has basically taken over everything, but where are they going to store their ID for a night out?

A simple, black wallet such as this one from River Island is a great price and made of a durable material.

9. Watch

If you do have a little extra money to spend, why not invest in both a birthday and Christmas and get a watch?

Obvs you’ve got the expensive brand – Apple – who offer a digital faced watch with amazing features.

Or, you can opt for a FitBit, which overall is cheaper and there’s much more variety for you to choose from. 

10. Food 

One of the best stocking fillers for a cheap Christmas HAS to be food. 

Whether it be festive chocolate, sweets for gifts or basket hampers, whoever your buying for will LOVE having some food for a present. 

4. Cheap Present Ideas For Girls

1. Makeup

 Christmas Gift Ideas

Buying makeup can feel like you’re barely giving anything on Christmas day, but honestly, it’s one of the best prezzies you can purchase.

Head to Boots and Superdrug for some cheap dupes of high end stores, especially look at some palettes from Revolution.

2. Hair

babyliss hair

Any hair tools, such as curlers, hair dryers or even straighteners are perfect store bought gifts for 2021. 

Babyliss have a dupe of the Dyson Airwrap and we’re obsessed with some of the results that have came from it. 

3. Purse

As a wallet, a purse is such a staple for any girl! Keep on trend and grab one from ASOS or even TKMAXX.

4. Flowers

christmas gift ideas which are cheap for girls

Stuck for ideas last minute? Cheap delivery flowers are a gift most will absolutely adore this Christmas.

Check out Bloom and Wild and Marks and Spencer’s for inspo. 

If you want to invest your money into your community, why not take a trip into town and purchase a bunch from your local florists? We know they would absolutely love to see you there.

5. Headphones

Headphones can range in price, but as we mentioned before, Argos do such a good range of headphones for a cheaper price – saving you ££££££!

6. Personalised Scrapbook

personalised book

Looking for a luxurious way to treasure old pics? Or even remember a special occasion? A personalised photo book or even a make your own crafts scrapbook is the best way. 

Paperchase has a cheap version and we would recommend it 100%. 

7. Fluffy socks

Comfort is key and fluffy socks are a staple of this trend.

Primark do the cheapest ones and they’re cosy, so head down when you have a spare minute!

8. Dressing gown

Again, you can’t go wrong with a cosy dressing gown – right?

Boux Avenue has some of the nicest dressing gowns around, check them out!

9. Karaoke Machine

microphone to sing with

It does what it says on the tin, and we’re completely obsessed. 

10. Avocado Tool

 Christmas Gift Ideas

Last, but certainly not least, this Avocado Tool is a unique Christmas gift that’ll be sure to put a smile on someone’s face!

If she likes Avocado, this is the perfect present, no ifs, buts or maybes.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of the best presents to get for your friends and family this Christmas time! We’re blown away by just how many ideas we’ve been able to conjure up for you. If cheap is how you like to do it, make sure to check out our recent blog on the best loyalty cards for students – you’ll be guaranteed to save lots of £££ with these bad boys.