Best Loyalty Cards For University Students

One of the best perks about becoming a university student is the amount of student discounts and offers you’ll have access to!

Companies understand JUST how much you need it, considering a huge sum of your money is being spent on your degree, living accommodation and food!

Loyalty cards are accessible to everyone, however we do suggest if you’re a student to make the most of them! By collecting points, they’ll help you save money in the long run, so…why not?!

In this blog, we delve into the best loyalty cards for university students in the UK. 

We’ve spent long and hard researching these for you, so grab yourself a cuppa and get yourself comfy before you begin reading through all these unreal deals!

1. Tesco Clubcard

tesco food

You’ve probably already heard about the Tesco Clubcard, it’s literally one of the most iconic loyalty cards out there to get at the moment.

It launched back in 1995, and now has an estimated 19 million people using it! Wowwee, that’s a lot of people – crazy!

The question really is, why WOULDN’T you want one? 

It’s a free reward scheme which can save you money whilst you shop, but also build up your points to get back with their Reward Partners!

There’s bound to be a Tesco Superstore, Metro or Express near your student accommodation, so this loyalty card is kinda a must for your uni experience. 

Point Scheme: 

Collect Tesco Clubcard points on food, fuel, fashion and more in store and online.

You’ll get one Clubcard point for every £1 you spend at Tesco. 

Main Perks: 

Clubcard prices – Quite a few different 

Vouchers – 150 points turns into £1.50 in vouchers, for savings on shopping or with their Rewards Partners

Spend £100, get: 100 Clubcard points. 

2. Boots Advantage Card

boots shopping store

For all your health and beauty essentials, having a Boots Advantage Card is something defo worth thinking about.

Not only do you gain points for items you buy in store or online, as a student you receive exclusive discounts such as 10% off…unreal!

It’ll monitor the products you’re buying and be able to send you personalised offers through the Boots app.

Boots regularly offer perks such as days for double or even triple advantage points for products you buy! Cool – right?

Point Scheme: 

Collect up to 4 points for every £1 you spend.

Every point is worth 1p, so once you’ve built up 100 points, you will have £1 to spend in store or online.

Main Perks:

Transfers into money in store and online which you can spend as you will.

By having an account, you’ll be able to receive special offers tailored to your preferences. 

Frequent options 

Spend £100, get:

Get a minimum of £1 to spend in store and online.

3. Nandos

best loyalty cards in the uk

Who doesn’t love a cheeky Nandos eh???

It’s one of those restaurants where you’re guaranteed a delicious meal every. single. time.

When it comes to their loyalty scheme, Nandos offer a chilli point reward scheme every time you visit.

You can add your card to your apple wallet and earn rewards such as free food, something we can bet you’ll be dying for whilst at uni!

You only need 3 Chilli Points to bag your first reward, so really, what’s stopping you?

Point Scheme:

Earn one Chilli Point on every order of £7 or more

You only need 3 Chilli Points to get your first reward

Main Perks:

Green reward – ¼ Chicken or Starter

Orange reward – ½ Chicken or a single wrap, burger or pitta

Red reward – Any meal with two sides or a Whole Chicken (also includes the new Great Imitator Wrap)

4. Costa


If you’re fueling your lectures on cups of coffee, then why not make the most of it and collect points using a Costa loyalty card?

When you visit a store, you’ll be able to use your card or app to scan whilst buying drinks.

This will let you in on alllll the exclusive discounts you could ever want and need.

One of our fave perks is a free cake on your birthday! A treat you deserve if your spending your big day away from home.

Point Scheme: 

Earn 5 beans for every £1 you spend. This is for anything on the menu!

Main Perks:

Buy 8 drinks, get 1 free in store

Buy 4 drinks, get 1 free when you use a reusable cup in store until 31st March 2022

Free cake on your birthday

5. Nectar Card 

nectar best loyalty cards

Run by Nectar 360 Ltd, the Nectar loyalty card scheme is a point based system run within the UK.

It has a number of partner companies, including Sainsbury’s, Esso, Ebay and Argos. 

Obvs one of the main reasons you’re most likely to use this card is for Sainsburys, especially if you’re looking to grab all of your essentials such as food and drink.

Once you’ve collected your nectar points, you’ll be able to check out the website for special offers!

There’s so many for you to choose from, so why not check them out here?

Points Scheme:

For every £1 you spend, you’ll receive 1 point (Sainsbury’s example)

A lot of other companies offer two points for every £1.

Main Perks:

Holidays with Nectar Hotels

Send points to your friends or family

Buy a flight away somewhere

Use it on your weekly shop at Sainsburys.

6. IKEA Family Card

ikea family card

Moving to uni can be costly, especially if you’re buying essentials for your student accommodation! 

That’s why we suggest one of the best loyalty cards out there at the minute has to be the IKEA Family Card.

As a member, you’ll have access to exclusive offers and discounts on IKEA products.

You can even bag yourself a free hot drink from Monday to Friday if you show your own exclusive card – we love it!

Honestly, having one of these loyalty scheme cards could save you whole lot of money, so what’re you waiting for?

Points Scheme:

They don’t have one

Main Perks:

Free hot drinks

Events and workshops you can get involved in to do with furnishing tips and knowledge

Exclusive discounts on IKEA products

Oops-assurance – if you break something, they’ll replace it!


We hope you enjoyed our selection of the 6 best loyalty cards out there on the market! If you’re looking for extra ways to make your life easier, why not check out our 9 batch cooking recipes? They will save you so much money, and time and stop food wastage!