10 Tips For Starting Your Own Gaming Channel

If you love video games, you’ll be aware of how successful some people are with gaming channels on the likes of Twitch or YouTube. 

Following or subscribing to a gaming channel is a lot of fun, as you get to watch people play your favourite games, follow them for tips and advice, watch competitions and sometimes compete yourself. 

It can be so easy to start watching a gaming video on YouTube and the next thing you know it’s 4 o’clock in the morning and you’ve been watching the channel for hours on end. 

If this is something that happens regularly to you, and you love gaming on your own time, why not take control and start your own gaming channel?

If you are considering starting a gaming channel on Twitch or YouTube, we bet you’re what you need to do – right?

Not to worry, we’ve made a complete guide for you to read through below. Don’t say we don’t treat you!

1. Find Your Brand USP And Plan Of Action

gamer sat in seat

Every popular gaming channel has its niche, and you will have yours too. It is important to understand what it is about you that makes you unique and will draw in viewers to your new gaming channel. 

Some gamers go down the entertaining route, trying to make their followers laugh, or watch them crash and burn deliberately as part of the strategy to hook users in and make them return time and time again. 

For others, it’s about knowing every single part of a game, completing it perfectly and leaving no stone unturned, creating that ‘wow’ factor that makes subscribers watch for advice on their favourite games. 

Your personal branding is vital in creating an avid group of followers. You also need to consider whether this is just for fun and a hobby, or if you plan to make money from it eventually.

2. Have The Right Set-Up

gaming seat

Once you have worked out what type of gaming channel you want, the next step is to buy the right equipment. 

It is important that you have the right setup to make sure that you are comfortable, but also to make sure that your audience is seeing exactly what you want them to see, without compromising on the quality of the stream and video. 

You’ll need a camera, a microphone, a powerful graphics card and editing software, as well as good lighting and a green screen. 

The Twitch Kit is an excellent place to start, helping you to make professional-looking videos. 

Think about the type of chair you want to sit in too whilst you game, as this is important for your comfort.

3. Have A Strong Internet Connection

gaming channel essentials

You don’t need mega-fast internet, but it must be fast enough to broadcast your video at, at least, 720p or more. 

Anything less than this, or you have an unstable internet, and you are unlikely to keep the attention of your new viewers, and it will definitely be harder to turn those people into subscribers.

4. Create A Consistent Schedule

consistent schedule

After the channel has been set up and your equipment is in the right place and all ready to be used, you need to start creating content. 

First though, think about your schedule, as the best gaming channels release videos and content on a consistent schedule. That way, your fans will always know when they can expect the next video to drop, building anticipation.

Even though you are just starting out and might only have a handful of followers, to begin with, start with good habits as this will help you as you grow your fanbase. 

Now, you can click record, ease into this new world, and build your confidence, editing the video and creating the thumbnail and description ready to be uploaded on the timeline you’ve decided.

5. Create A Community

gaming community you need to join

During your research phase, you need to look around at other successful gaming channels and think about the bits you like and the bits you don’t like. 

What parts of other people’s gaming channels do you want to emulate and what do you want to avoid? 

Another way that this can help is by leaving genuine comments of encouragement on other channels, and build relationships with other gamers and those who share your interests. 

This isn’t about shameless self-promotion, but instead about genuinely connecting with others and becoming part of a community. 

If you have achieved this, when your own channel is growing, you’ll have a community of like-minded people willing to give it a go and support your channel.

6. Have A Clear Call To Action

gamer call to action

As part of building your brand, it is vital that you have a clear call to action that inspires your viewers to interact with you, leave comments and come back for your next video and every video after that. 

Ask your audience a question about what they’ve just seen, remind people to comment or ask viewers to subscribe for more content. 

Whatever you decide to do, stick with it, and make it your identifiable call to action as part of your brand building campaign at the end of every video or stream.

7. Use Social Media For Promotion

social media networks you need to start a gaming channel

Create social media accounts that are linked to your gaming channel, whether it is on YouTube or Twitch. This makes it easier to share content across different platforms, such as sharing videos on Twitter or maybe live streaming for a “behind the scenes” look on your Instagram stories. 

There are different options open to you, and social media is free, allowing you to organically grow a community across multiple platforms with the sole purpose of guiding viewers over to your gaming channel.

8. Interaction With Viewers

gamer girl with headphones and microphone

Refresh the viewer list regularly and say hello to any new person that joins.

Answer questions, talk with them like you would a friend and keep engaging to keep things fresh and fun.

In the beginning, you won’t have any viewers, but you’ll want to portray the experience as you see it in future. At this point speak to your friends on a call throughout, so

that if someone new joins the stream they won’t just leave because there is silence in the room.

9. Stay Safe With A Chat Bot


Chatbots are used to sit in the live chat function on your gaming channel and keep an eye out for potentially malicious links and dangerous messages left by other bots or users. 

The last thing you want is for your viewers to click on something they shouldn’t, get a virus and then blame you for the problem. 

It could damage your reputation before you’ve had a chance to build one.

10. Have Fun

fun gamers

Starting your own gaming channel is about having fun, so embrace it and enjoy your time. If you love gaming, this will come across to your viewers and help you build a community that is as passionate as you are.


These simple steps will go a long way to helping you out should you love gaming and wish to set up your own gaming channel. Make sure you have the right equipment to build your brand carefully and keep your viewers safe during streams. Most of all, have fun!