What To Do If Your University Closes Forever : Protect your Degree

In the pursuit of higher education, you might fear the unimaginable – your university closes forever. The mere thought of your educational institution shutting down can be a daunting prospect, leaving you with questions and uncertainties about the future of your degree. In this guide, we delve into the crucial steps to take if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation where your university closes.

While university closures are extremely rare, they are not unheard of. This blog will equip you with valuable insights into the necessary actions to safeguard your education and future opportunities. We’ll explore the steps to ensure your academic credits are recognised, discuss transfer options, and provide resources to help you navigate this uncertain situation.

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Office for Students

If you are a student worrying about what will happen if your university closes forever, then you should be aware of this regulatory body named Office for Students

Office for Students is an independent public body. They are NOT a part of the central government, however, they are required to report to the parliament through the Department of Education.

They act as the regulatory body for higher educational institutions in England. 

All universities that are registered with the Office for Students will have a set of rules and regulations in place that will guide how to navigate a situation if the university closes forever. 

To be eligible to be registered, the university will have to meet specific standards when it comes to, teaching, quality of education and other factors. The good news is that pretty much all universities in England are registered which means that you will be able to benefit from the protection that Office for Students provides for students.

If you would like to confirm that your university is registered, click here.

University of Cambridge

Student Protection Plan

One of the regulations for the universities under the Office for Students is that they are required to set a Student Protection Plan. This plan will detail how the university will deal with a situation where the university closes forever whether it be due to financial reasons or others. 

This plan will usually include how the university will give students sufficient notice should a situation where this plan will have to come into effect arise. 

It will also include other measures that will be taken by the university to ensure that all students are taken care of.

The Student Protection Plan is readily available for the students to access whenever they need it. You can go to the university’s website to find out more. 

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Market Exit Plan

The Market Exit Plan, unlike the Student Protection Plan, will only be implemented if there is a direct material risk of the university stopping most or all of its offerings. The Market Exit Plan will typically include the following steps.  

Teach out

Teach out will ensure that the students of the university will be able to complete the course that they are enrolled in. This will be the qualification that was expected when the student initially enrolled in the programme. This could be possible through a credit transfer which will make it possible for the students to complete their degree even if their university closes.

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Student Transfer

Student transfer will allow the students to transfer to another higher education provider where they can continue and complete the course as planned. The university will provide all the options available to the students so that they can make an informed choice. It is the responsibility of the university to make all arrangements to make this transfer as smooth as possible. 

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Exit Awards

Exit Awards ensure that if the university closes, the student has a clear and formal record of their academics as well as their achievements.

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Information, Advice and Guidance

It is the responsibility of the university to make sure that the student receives all the information, advice and guidance in a scenario where their university closes forever. This includes all information about every step of the way and how they can navigate this situation further. 

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If you are worried about your university closing down, then you can take the following measures to make sure you are prepared. 

1. Stay Informed

The best way to stay informed about all the changes that might be happening in your university is by following official announcements from university authorities. If there is news about financial cuts in your university, you should closely follow any emails that you receive as they will be the most reliable source of information. 

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2. Explore Transfer Options

If you get the official news that your university is closing, then it is best to start considering other transfer options that are in line with the programme that you are currently doing. The transfer process will be handled by the university as laid out by the regulations of the Office for Students, but it is always good to start considering the options as early as you can so you can have a smooth transfer if needed. 

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3. Seek Advice and Support

Having to deal with the worry of your university closing forever can be daunting. So if you are worried about the risk of it closing due to any current news, it is best to reach out to your university so you can get some clarity on the matter. And in the unlikely case that your university closes, seeking out help from them can make it easier to navigate the change easily. 

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