Vegan Sweets You Need to Try for Veganuary 2022

Ahh January. A new start. A new outlook. A time to create some great, new habits – starting with food.

If you didn’t know, Veganuary is the non-profit organisation that launched the worldwide initiative of encouraging people to be vegan for the whole of January. Over half a million people took part in 2021 and due to veganism’s rise in popularity, over 825 new vegan products and menus options have been launched.

It’s all about being more plant-based, protecting the environment and taking care of animals. While going 100% vegan can be tough for many, switching to plant-based foods some of the time can have a massive impact on the planet. This includes sweets.

But how can sweets not be vegan? Well, most sweets contain gelatine (derived from animals) so most of the time, sweets aren’t even veggie! Can you believe?

Taking part in Veganuary is defo worthwhile as you can expand your culinary skills, try new foods, eat less meat and dairy and improve your diet. But we all need a treat don’t we. We’ve rounded up the best vegan sweets for Veganuary so you can concentrate on that meal plan.

1. Jealous Sweets

jealous sweets brand of vegan snacks

@thejealouslife – Instagram

Branding itself as “ditching the guilt”, 100% gluten free and plant based, Jealous Sweets, needs to be on your to taste list. 

With nostalgic pick’n’mix shapes like worms and teddy bears in flavours like zingy, fizzy and tangy, these sweets are indeed a treat without the guilt. 

Free from gelatine, destructive palm oil packed with real fruit juice, you can find these vegan bad boys in Asda and Sainsbury’s.

2. Candy Kittens

candy kittens created by jamie laing

@candykittens – Instagram

Love him or hate him, Made in Chelsea and Strictly cringey sensation, Jamie Laing, created Candy Kittens – a gourmet confectionary company created for adults with a sweet tooth. 

The company has loads of vegan flavours to choose from this Veganuary including, Wild Strawberry, Sour Watermelon, Tropical Mango, Very Cherry, Orchard Apple and Dragon Fruit, Sweet Raspberry and Guava and Blood Orange and Pomegranate. 

You can find Candy Kittens in most major supermarkets.

3. Nakd Bars

nakd choclate bars to eat

@nakdwholefoods – Instagram

Ok, ok, not a technical sweet but we had to put some sort of healthy alternative here. 

Nakd bars are naturally vegan and gluten free and available in nearly all supermarkets and petrol stations. 

Not processed at all, the delish flavours are derived from smashed fruits and nuts. 

To be honest, they’re so tasty, it’s hard to believe they’re healthy.

4. Pret’s Dark Chocolate Salted Almonds

pret coffee

Grabbing an oat milk latte? Curb that sweet tooth with some Dark Chocolate Salted Almonds. 

FYI, high cocoa content chocolate is naturally vegan – it’s the creamy, light brown stuff that has the milk added to it. 

A boujiee sweet snack for sure.

5. Vegan All Sorts

vegan all sorts

@veganallsorts – Instagram

WARNING: once you discover this site, you’ll need your dentist on speed dial.

Imagine a sweet shop where everything is vegan. All your faves from fried eggs to tangy belts, strawberry laces (even cookies!) are vegan, mostly gluten free, Kosher and Halal…

Welcome to the addictive world of Vegan All Sorts

Crammed with choice, whopping 2 kg bags, special offers, hampers and movie night bundles, these are vegan sweet goals. 

You can even pay with Klarna or Clearpay, making the sweets even more enticing this Veganuary.

6. Dirty Cow

vegan chocolate with toppings on

Chocolate is sweet so we’re including it ok. Dirty Cow is your Veganuary answer to all your chocolate woes. The tongue-in-cheek brand is bringing silky and dairy back without the animal cruelty. 

Aspiring and current vegans can rejoice, for we have luscious creamy goodness in a variety of gourmet flavours that include Salty Sharon, Netflix and Chill, Honey Come Home and Cookies No Cream. Too good to miss. 

7. Biona Organic

biona sweets in snake form

@bionaorganic – Instagram

A bit on the pricey side but if you’re into your organics then Biona is the one for you. 

The brand is usually synonymous with health foods but let’s not try and kid ourselves that sweets can ever be considered healthy. 

Sweets are sweets and Biona does damn tasty ones. Its vegan flavours include Sour Snakes (faves), Tutti-Frutti Gums and Fizzy Peach. 

Available in most major supermarkets and Amazon, you need to check Biona out this Veganuary. 

8. Free From Fellows

free from fellows sweets

@freefromfellows – Instagram

Champions of free-from sweets, Free From Fellows has extended its range into vegan marshmallows, and we couldn’t be happier. 

Already bursting with vegan and gluten free gummies and boiled sweets, its marshmallow range is the pillowy goodness you need in every cup of vegan hot chocolate.

9. The Conscious Candy Co.

vegan sweets to eat as a snack during veganuary

@theconsciouscandycompany – Instagram

Veteran vegan herself, the founder of The Conscious Candy Co. wanted to bring exciting delicious, sweet flavours into the vegan space. 

And that she did. With a whole range of pick’n’mix icons to choose from (think fried eggs and bubble-gum bottles to tropical keys and cola bottles) plus vegan, plant-powered chocolate bars and a gifting range, this is a one stop shop for all your Veganuary sweet tooth desires.

10. Oops! Accidentally Vegan

veganuary treats to keep you feeling full

@accidentallyveganuk – Instagram

Some of your childhood stars have been vegan all along! Huzzah, we hear you cry. 

Treat yourself without the guilt this Veganuary to nostalgic sweets such as Skittles, Fox’s Glacier Fruits, M&S Veggie Colin the Caterpillars, Swizzles, Jelly Tots and Millions. 

All of these are exceptionally ubiquitous, you can pick up a packet of vegan sweets literally anywhere.

Pssst, if you love pickin’ mix at the cinema, supermarkets etc. then Hancock’s, one of the UK’s largest confectioneries, has added 300 (yes 300) vegan sweets to its pick’n’mix counters. 

Check the signs and enjoy!


Now you’ve sorted out your sugar cravings, we bet you’re going to be so stocked up for Veganuary 2022! Let us know on our socials if you’re getting involved this year and if you have any sweets we’ve missed.