Tips To Write A Good Quality Essay In A Day

Have you left your university essay until the last minute? Don’t worry, it is possible to write a good quality piece of work within a day.

It might not be an enjoyable experience but with the right tips and tricks, it can be done.

With our help you’ll have your essay submitted on time!

Although, we wouldn’t recommend getting into the habit of doing this too often.

Carry on reading to find out our top tips to writing an essay within a day…

Writing a university essay

1. Maintain A Positive Outlook

Possibly the most important thing to do before trying to complete an essay to a tight deadline is to get yourself in the right mindset.

It’s hard to keep the positive vibes flowing when you’re stressed out about completing your university essay.

However, if you can, try your best to remain calm and have a can-do approach.

Telling yourself it’s not possible or you haven’t got enough time isn’t going to help.

Instead, hype yourself up and take some deep breaths.

Whilst is isn’t an ideal situation to be in, it’s possible for you to complete your essay in a day – believe in yourself, you can do it!

After all, you will have completed exams within a set time frame, so this is something you have experience in doing.

You should also remember that stress can be a great motivator when it comes to completing uni work.

Although, a little stress is great, a lot of stress can be a recipe for disaster.

Positive outlook university essay

2. Choose Your Working Environment

Our next tip for getting an essay done in a day is to think about your working environment.

Such as, are you going to work on your essay at home or the library?

It’s best to think about where you work best, and which space will have the least distractions.

The last thing you want to do is get distracted by your flatmates partying so find a quiet place you can focus in!

Plus, if you’ve only got a few hours until the submission time, you don’t want to waste time getting to the campus library, or vice versa, heading to your student accommodation from uni.

You should also think about which place has the strongest Wi-Fi connection.

There’s nothing worse than trying to complete uni work and your internet keeps cutting out – it will just stress you out even more!

Once you’ve chosen your study session base, get everything you need ready whether it’s your laptop, books, pen, paper or bottle of water.

If you work well with music on, get your study playlist ready too.

This way you’ll be nice and organised so you can focus on the task at hand with minimal distractions.

If you’re short on time, don’t waste time procrastinating getting everything ready!

Studying environment

3. Fuel Your Body & Mind

You may be running on short time to write your essay in a day but you still need to ensure you fuel your body and mind.

So, make sure that you’ve eaten a healthy breakfast and you’ve drank enough, this way you’ll have the energy you need to get your essay done.

We’re not saying you should spend an hour in the kitchen cheffing up a full English if your essay deadline is fast approaching, just make sure you eat at least something and keep yourself hydrated.

Try to be careful with caffeinated drinks too, you may think the only way you’ll get your essay done is by chugging back tons of energy drinks or cups of coffee.

However, you’ll end up crashing after a few hours and feel super fatigued if you knock back too many red bulls.

Instead, just go for the one or two energy drinks or cuppas and you’ll have enough energy to get your work done!

Healthy breakfast studying

4. Create An Essay Plan

Next within our guide to tips to write an essay in a day is to create a plan to follow and refer back to throughout the process.

As you know, for any piece of academic writing, you should always spend time beforehand planning.

Whilst you may be short on time in this instance, it’s still important to research and understand what your essay topic is about.

Even if you just spend half an hour researching and planning what you’re going to discuss within your essay, this is better than no planning at all.

If you dive straight into writing, you won’t have gathered enough material and information to write your essay to a high standard – we don’t want that!

One tip we have for you is to create your plan within the document you’ve created for your essay.

This way you’ll have bullet points and notes to follow for your key ideas so you won’t suffer from writer’s block.

Plus, it will save you a little more time and that’s exactly what you need, ay?

Essay plan

5. Set A Schedule

When it comes to writing an essay quickly, you should try to set a schedule to follow for the day.

You may struggle with time management, but try your best to plan your time for the day and set a schedule to follow.

If you give yourself a certain amount of time to get different sections of your essay written up you’ll ensure that you hit the word limit and get each section complete in the time required.

You don’t want to submit a half finished essay because you spent too long on the introduction and didn’t have time for a conclusion which contains all the information you need for a good mark!

For example, if you’ve got a essay which has a word count of 2000 words, spread it out throughout the day so that the task is more manageable and more like mini-tasks per hour, rather than one massive essay.

We would recommend being realistic about your essay writing though, as it may not be possible for you to hit the word count within a certain time frame – quality over quantity!

Remember to also also ensure you fit in breaks within your daily schedule, you’re not a robot, everyone needs some time to re-charge even if your deadline is just hours away.

This way, you’ll stop yourself from feeling completely drained and you’ll boost your productivity levels!

Study schedule

6. Switch Off From Technology

This next one might seem obvious, but if you’re working against the clock you need to limit as many distractions as possible.

Switch off your phone, your TV or anything else which may distract you before starting to write your essay.

The last thing you want to do is spend an hour scrolling through TikTok rather than writing your essay.

If you feel like you’ll be tempted to keep checking your messages or checking your socials, give your phone to your flatmate or keep it out of sight.

If you like having your phone nearby to you, put it on do not disturb or airplane mode to limit any notifications coming through.

Your time is precious, so try your best not to check social media and procrastinate!

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break from your work and then checking your phone, just don’t do it too much otherwise your essay won’t get done.

Switch off from technology studying

7. Reach Out For Help If You Need It

If you’re reading this guide, chances are you’ve left your essay to the last minute as you don’t have a clue what to write about, or you’ve been too busy to get it done.

Whatever the reason is, don’t be afraid to reach out for help from your lecturers if you are struggling.

Whilst you may think they’re going to judge you for your lack of time management, we’re sure they’d rather you ask for support if you need it.

Your tutors are there to help you, drop them an email or arrange a video call to ask any questions you have if they’re available.

Bear in mind if it is the day of the deadline, they may not be free and could have tons of other people asking them things too, but it’s worth asking!

You could also speak to your course mates and see if they can help you with anything you’re unsure about.

University essay help

8. Save Time Referencing

No matter what type of essay you’re writing or the subject, you’ll need to include at least some academic sources.

We know, it’s the most dreaded part of any essay even if you have all the time in the world.

It’s something we all hate doing but it’s an important aspect of all good quality articles.

Our first tip is to not leave your referencing until the last minute.

Try to cite your sources as you go through your essay to ensure you don’t leave yourself too much work to do.

Otherwise you’ll have to go back and find the quotes and sources which can be a NIGHTMARE.

If you’re writing your essay using Microsoft Word, make use of their referencing tool to save yourself time spent creating your bibliography.

You can also use helpful referencing building tools like Cite This For Me.

Referencing essay

9. Make Sure To Proofread

Our last tip to write an essay in a day is to make sure you proofread.

As you know, writing an essay is a process with many different stages, with the final stage being proof reading and editing.

Chances are, you probably won’t have much time at all to proofread your essay once you’ve finished writing.

However, if you can, spend the last few hours before the deadline to just go through your essay and check for mistakes.

Take a re-read of your essay and check for grammar or spelling errors, as well as sections you may need to re write.

The editing stage is essential and is just as important as the writing part itself.

So, spend at least some time checking over and making amendments before you hit that submit button!

If you’re able to, ask someone else to quickly go over your essay to check for any errors you may have missed.

Don’t spend too long checking your essay if your deadline is quickly approaching as you don’t want to lose marks for submitting it late.

Remember, uploading your essay online can sometimes take a while, so bare this in mind!

Proof reading article

Hopefully our tips to write an essay in a day have been helpful for you – we believe in you.

The power is now in your hands to get your essay done, stop procrastinating and go and get it done!

One final thing to takeaway is to remember that you can ask for a deadline extension if there are genuine reasons why you couldn’t submit your essay or any piece of work on time!

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