Time Management Apps You Need To Download For University

Being a university student comes with a lot of responsibility and change. How to focus your money, time, social life and studies all go into the mix.

Whilst having amazing mates, going out and taking part in societies is all well and good, you are at uni to study.

This means there are lots of plates spinning; so many things to do and so little time.

Well, now you have no excuse.

We’ve got a list of the best time management apps to help you plan out those precious hours, maximising the opportunity to study and leaving time to go out with your mates guilt-free.

1. Evernote

image of the app - evernote

The most popular and widely used time management app, Evernote has a huge number of features and tools to help you make the most of your time.

Create goals, checklists, reminders, plan events and simply just put down any important or unimportant thoughts that enter your head to save for later!

This expansive app has grown far beyond the no-nonsense notes app it once was.

You can collate films, clips, photos and images as well as humble note-taking. It even assists you if need to create presentations – an absolute must for any new student.

2. Focus Booster

pomodoro technique

If you haven’t heard of the Pomodoro studying technique yet you soon will once you’re at university.

The Pomodoro technique states that for maximum efficiency you should create a list of everything you need to achieve for the day then set your timer for 25 minutes and work solidly at the first task, then take a 5-minute break.

Focus Booster helps you incorporate the Pomodoro technique and has the added benefit of logging both the time spent and your breaks so you can see how you spend the day.

The best thing about this app is the opportunity it gives to identify when you’re most productive during the day.

3. Trello

trello time management apps

Another viral app with students, Trello is a note making and organisational app which has integration features with other note apps such as Evernote.

We found Trello came into its own when working in a group. The collaborative features on the app were super good.

We know how hard it can be to get through those group assignments at uni but with Trello, all boards can be updated collaboratively and everyone in your group can have access making group work easier and less painful.

4. 2Do

to do apps

Visual learners- don’t worry we have your back too, or should that be we have your back 2Do! Yeah, that was painful sorry…

2Do is an amazing little app that helps you build a colour co-ordinated catalogue of tasks and ultimately that thing we all strive for: a colour co-ordinated life.

Pick a separate colour for each aspect of your life then create tasks and subtasks. These can even incorporate notes, attachments and alarms. 2Do really is the business.

5. IFTTT (If This Then That)

girl with brown hair and yellow jumper

This is a very clever app that allows you to automate aspects of your online life.

It gets your apps speaking to each other that would not usually communicate.

The options available for IFTT are endless and it offers so much more than just productivity hacking.

We highly recommend downloading it and having a play to see what you can automate in your life.

6. Flipd

flipd app

“The all in one productivity app” – not our words but Flipds own description of what they do.

Flipd keeps track of your activities and provides weekly updates showing you how you spent your time.

Even more helpfully, they break down what the data means for you and provide specific insights into how you can improve your productivity.

It can help schedule your week, provide set timers for tasks and generally aims to help you feel good about being productive.

7. Remember the Milk

milk time management apps

Synchronization is the name of the game. With all our lives spread over so many different apps and devices, it can be super easy to forget appointments or deadlines.

Remember the Milk allows you to sync all your accounts with Google, Outlook and devices, keeping all your invites to all those parties in one easy to access place.

The share tool is also a great function, making sure you don’t double book yourself.

8. Rescue Time

time management apps you need to try

Rescue Time is one for the procrastinators among us.

The app records how you spend your time online throughout the day, including the apps and websites you visit the most.

It also allows you to review the time spent and rate how distracting each activity was.

Ultimately, Rescue Time allows you to highlight what your biggest distractions are and eliminate them.

9. Mindnode


Mindnode is a mind mapping app that helps users create mind maps, or thought clouds or cloud idea pictures… you know what we are talking about don’t you?

Mindnode is a very useful tool, particularly when you are starting out on a project as mind mapping is a brilliant way of getting all the information on the page and identifying all the facets of a task.

The app also enables users to work together with others, which is a great way for a team to really focus on what’s important on a project.

10. Pocket

man with time management apps

Another procrastination busting app that helps limit the urge to keep scrolling.

Pocket allows you to save any cool stuff you might stumble across whilst surfing so that you can read it later.

This means you can keep on with the task at hand and come back to your Pocket when you’re finished and explore all the exciting links and articles you have found throughout the day. How’s that for delayed gratification?

So you’ve got the best time management apps which will now mean you’re fully prepared! How exciting is that?! If organisation is your thing, why not think about cooking in batches to save time for things that really matter? We have a blog on the yummiest batch cooking recipes for students – thank us later.