The Yummy Guide: 10 Restaurants in Bolton You Can Enjoy on a Student Budget

Are you looking for something delicious to eat here? Well, what a blooming ‘treat – you’ve landed on the best page to find the perfect restaurant.

Having student accommodation in Bolton means we know a lot about the area, from the top places to grab a coffee, allll the way to the grooviest nightclubs in the area. 

But if there’s something we’re experts in, it’s definitely the most loved restaurant in Bolton which you can enjoy on a student budget.

Student discount? Yes, please.

Buffet style main course? Oh, my days.

Sit down, relax and feel your taste buds water from the heavenly eateries that are about to be thrown your way!

1. Café Italia Bolton

delicious italian food in bolton for students

Indulge in a taste of Italy at this quaint restaurant located in Bolton city centre. 

This family-run business is loved by all for its passion for Italian cuisine and delectable menu on offer. 

If you’re feeling fancy, why not opt for the Pollo Valdostana? A chicken breast topped with Parma ham & mozzarella cooked in a tomato & cream sauce…mmmm!

Or, maybe your taste buds are telling you to go for a classic Diavola Pizza, topped with tomato, mozzarella, spicy salami, chillies and fresh basil? We wouldn’t blame you.

With a wide range of vegetarian options available, the Café Italia Bolton is a perfect trip out, suiting everyone’s needs. 

2. Royal Balti House

indian restaurants in bolton for students

If you fancy having dinner at one of the best restaurants in Bolton, then you have to visit the Royal Balti House.

The venue was established back in 1969 and is actually the oldest Indian restaurant in the area. Its rich history makes it a legendary landmark and it’s renowned to have a few celebrities and food critics enter through its doors.

Using only the freshest and finest of ingredients, you can guarantee a meal out here will be filled with culinary delights!

How about the Diced Fish Mousaka? Consisting of a boneless pangas fish fillet cooked with onion, ginger, garlic & spices comes in a thick sauce which gives an exotic taste.

Foodies who eat here also devour the Chicken Tikka Shashlik, a dish with Chicken Tikka cooked with tomatoes, green peppers, and onions and served in a sizzler. 

3. Tapaz Ristorante

mini tapas dishes in bolton uk

With a service unlike any other, experience the best tapas in town at the Tapaz Ristorante. 

Located in Bolton’s central district, this Mediterranean eatery is open from Tuesday to Sunday every week. So, if you’re looking for a meal out after a stressful day at uni – this is the place to be!

We’d deffo recommend the Salmon Empanada, mini breaded salmon bites served with a lemon and dill mayo. 

Could you really have tapas without including the classic Patatas Bravas? These fried potatoes in a spicy Spanish tomato sauce are our fave and even thinking about them now is making us hungry…

4. Olympus Fish and Chip Restaurant

fish and chips restaurants in bolton

If you’re looking for lovely food in an enchanting setting, you just have to visit the Olympus Restaurant.

Winning the 2020 best fish & chips in Bolton, you can already imagine how divine your lunch or dinner here could be.

Just think, a tasty battered fish, topped with chips that’s smothered in salt and vinegar…are your taste buds watering? ‘Cos ours are.

Another bonus? It’ll only cost you £11.95 for this meal here…what more could you seriously want?

5. Tavern Fayre

shwarma chicken salad served in posh pub

If you’re up for a little drive out of town, why don’t you head to Tavern Fayre for a cosy meal?

Offering a comfortable, British dining experience, you’re guaranteed to feel relaxed in this calm environment. 

Dishes served from the Chef’s Specials section include Shawarma Chicken salads, Asparagus & Garden Pea Risotto and the Fillet of Scottish Salmon. 

If you’re fancying something a little meatier, why not opt for the Hot Spiced Beef Burger? This is the ultimate fave of those who visit so you’re bound to love it!

This Bolton restaurant is priced a little higher than others listed, but its soooo worth it if you’re up for splashing the cash.

6. The Courthouse Restaurant & Bar

cocktails in a bar restaurants in bolton

The Courthouse Restaurant & Bar is a vibrant eatery, serving amazing dishes such as tasty Quesadillas and juicy Steaks. 

Accompanying its dishes, you can choose from a huuuge selection of mind-blowing cocktails and draught beers. Like seriously, you have to have a look at the cocktails on their website…we’re in LOVE!

What makes us love this bar, even more, is how it effortlessly morphs into one of Bolton’s hottest parties by night! You can pop in for a relaxed meal and two hours later you’re dancing your socks off with the shots lined up…sounds cool ‘huh?

That’s why this has to be on here as one of the best restaurants in Bolton to visit for students, why leave a place when it can happen all under one roof.

7. The Chinese Buffet Bolton

chinese buffet for students

Offering exclusive offers with its buffet-style food menu, The Chinese Buffet Bolton is perfect for students on a budget.

It’s spacious, modern and just great to indulge in all things Chinese cuisine!

Their menu is pretty much filled up with a variety of dishes suited for all styles. One minute you could be devouring a plate full of roasted duck, then the next you’re filling your plate with sticky toffee pudding…it’s entirely up to you!

What most people love about visiting here is the super service offered by all staff members. It’s hard to find a review which faults anyone who works here – you’re in for a treat.

8. Sake Sushi Bolton

sushi restaurants in bolton

Last, but certainly not least, we have Sake Sushi Bolton – a restaurant which will not disappoint!

As you can already tell, this eatery offers all things sushi. They’re experts in the field and offer a superb selection to suit everyone’s tastes.

Looking to go here in the evening? We suggest you get here as early as possible because it’s sooo popular amongst locals, students and tourists!

To top off the delicious food on offer, the service experienced here is second to none. Warm, welcoming and inviting are a few words used in reviews for this restaurant in Bolton…who’s booking the table?


Wow. Just wow. We’re so hungry nowwww!!! How is this fair </3 We hope you enjoyed reading the top 8 restaurants in Bolton, ‘cos we sure did! If you’re looking to save money even further, why not have a picnic out in the local park? We even have a blog for you to read here if you’re interested in getting some picnic meal ideas!