The International Friendship Day 2023: What Is It & How To Celebrate

International Friendship Day 2023 is on July 30th, so it’s not long to go until the big annual day takes place.

In this guide you can discover how to celebrate this amazing day dedicated to friendships.

Your friends are very important to your life, they provide you with a support network, are there to care for you when you need it the most, are there for you to spend time with crying with laughter and creating in-jokes that will last for years and they can even become like a sibling in some cases.

international friendship day

What Is International Friendship Day?

The day of friendship was first proclaimed back in 2011 by the United Nations General Assembly.

It was designated an official day, where you are given a time to take a step back from the hectic pace of daily life and to look around at your friends.

Appreciate the close friends that you have, look at ways in which you can make new friends and how we can all look to create friendly bonds and relationships with people from all sorts of different backgrounds from around the world.

For some people, you might have a large network of friends, living in different parts of the world. You might stay in touch with them on the phone, or digitally.

Some people have friends that they only know online, whilst others might have one solid friend, a best friend, and don’t feel the need to widen their friendship group to a larger number than that.

There is no right or wrong answer but know that having a friend of any kind is always a good thing for your mental health and wellbeing.

international friendship day 2023

Why Is It Important To Have Friends?

Making new friends when you are a student is a great part of growing up, learning how to be you, and to find those like-minded people that either have a similar interest to you, or that you connect with in that way you just can’t quantify.

Good friends can be good for your health. They increase your sense of belonging and your purpose. They help you to be confident in yourself and understand your self-worth.

If you are going through a tough time, a good friend is there by your side, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and a hand to help.

All these things make a good friend someone that improves how you feel, helps you to feel happier and reduces your stress levels.

Why Is It Important To Have Friends?

How To Celebrate International Friendship Day 2023?

Now that you can see how important friends can be, how can you celebrate this on International Friendship Day 2023 and show them that you love them and care for them.

We’ve listed a few ideas for how you can celebrate the International Friendship Day this year, so carry on reading!

How To Celebrate International Friendship Day

1. Surprise Them With A Gift

You don’t have to wait until Christmas or for your friend’s birthday to give them a gift. Why not take the opportunity to surprise them with a little gift on International Friendship Day?

This could be anything that has come up over the last few weeks and months that they have mentioned, maybe a book that they’ve wanted to buy, or a little trinket of some sort that you’ve come across together when out.

If you can make it something personal to your friendship together, all the better.

surprising friend with a gift

2. Book A Trip Away

Another good thing to do to celebrate your friendship is to look into booking a trip together. This is especially a good time to do so, as it is the summer break.

We’ve covered a few different ideas for full-on holidays during the summertime, and this could be part of that, but it could also be a weekend away somewhere in the UK.

Think about places you’ve talked about going together, it could be a hike in the mountains or the countryside, or a walk along the coastline whilst staying in a B&B in a traditional seaside town.

friends on holiday

3. Have A Movie Night

You might do this all the time anyway, but why not make a special treat of a big ‘friends’ themed movie night? Pick a theme, each choose a movie and have a whole night of movies, a double-bill or even more.

Get the blankets out, each of you can bring your own favourite treats and cinema snacks and drinks, and you can get stuck into a night of cinema.

The best part is, some of our student accommodation properties even have their own cinema rooms so you can watch your favourite films on the big screen!

movie night with friends

4. Send A Care Package

If your bestie doesn’t live close to you, it could be they are a friend from home and that home could be the other side of the country or a different country, you can still send them a gift.

A care package is a great way to show your best friend that you care and love them.

The package could contain anything that means something to your friend.

It could include a gift card to their favourite store, a self-care parcel with bits to cheer them up, a selection of their favourite snacks, postcards, photos of you together, whatever you think will work to cheer them up and show that you care.

sending a care package to friends

There are so many different dates on the calendar to celebrate, and we like to keep you aware of them all.

From the fun food dates like National Burger Day, or something a bit more important like World Nature Conservation Day, we want to keep you informed about the things that are important in life.

For students, making new friends and staying in touch with old ones plays an important part in your life, as you develop into adulthood.

International Friendship Day 2023 is another great chance for you to celebrate those closest to you, to send them a gift, take them out for a meal, and just spend time together as you love to do!