The Best Board Games Ever To Play In Your Student House!

Is the rain pouring outside? Do you not fancy going out on the town tonight? Fear not, because we’ve found the best board games ever for you.

There’s nothing like a cheeky board game now and then, healthy competition can be fun as long as there are no temper tantrums!

Whether it’s a murder mystery board game or a guess the meme board game, there are plenty to choose from to play in your student house.

We’ve done our research and found some of the best board games ever to play in your student accommodation

So, without further ado,  let’s take a look and have some fun!

1. Cards Against Humanity

Of course, this is going to be number one for the best board games ever – would you expect anything different!?

If you haven’t played Cards Against Humanity yet, you’ve either been living under a rock or just haven’t got round to trying it yet!

Cards Against Humanity is described as an “adult party game” where players fill in the blank statements using words or phrases that are pretty offensive.

Let’s just say, this game isn’t for the faint-hearted, and is deemed a little risqué with some politically incorrect statements (to put it lightly.)

This one’s great to play at pre-drinks before a night out, or just if you fancy staying in with a takeaway or a chill one!

Purchase Cards Against Humanity here!

2. Telestrations

This game is absolutely hilarious, especially if you’re all rubbish drawers!

It’s basically a game where players are prompted to sketch a word listed on a card, then guess what the other players have drawn.

Pass your drawing round, let the next player guess, and the other player draws your guess – and so on.

You can get the game here, get ready to have some fun!


3. Who In The Room?

Now this game can get pretty #awks, but still hilarious, it really opens your eyes to what your mates really think about you!

The truth can be revealed with this one, which is why it makes our best board games ever list.

Players basically take turns reading revealing questions that begin with the words “who in the room” with a range of hypothetical and awkward ones.

After a few moments to ponder (and become brave) everyone reveals their answer by pointing at the same time!

Get the game here.

4.  Shot In The Dark

Wave goodbye to boring geography and “what was The Beatles’ first number one” questions and say hello to waaaay more interesting ones!

This fun trivia quiz game will really get your brain working, with some seriously random questions you need to answer.

It’s all about taking a shot in the dark, or at least making an educated guess because you’ll really have no other choice!

Shot In The Dark is one of the best board games ever to play at pre-drinks, or just on a Saturday night if you’re not heading out.

Buy the game here!

5.  Name 5

Now it’s really time to get your brains working! Name 5 is one of those infuriating board games that’ll make you rack your brains.

The question is, can you name five British Kings or Queens before the time runs out? Or five makeup brands?

Name 5 is one of those games where your mind will suddenly become blank, and it can be totes annoying!

Get the game here.

6.  Cluedo

You didn’t think you’d make it down the list without Cluedo being mentioned – did you!?

Cluedo really is one of the best board games ever, a classic that needs to be played at any given opportunity.

If you haven’t played Cluedo yet, you are seriously missing out! Their new “liars edition” is seriously interesting.

This particular version of Cluedo is all about who’s got the best poker face, pick out an investigation card and read the action out loud.

Whether it’s a truth or a lie card, try to be convincing, and attempt to solve the murder of Dr. Black.

Don’t worry folks – it’s still a classic whodunnit, which is why we have so much love for this game!

Purchase the game here.

7.  Monopoly

Now, THIS one is another classic, arguably one of the best board games ever and very much marmite – you either love it or hate it.

This classic board game can take a while and really does take patience, but it’s so worth it in the end!

It takes 2-8 players, you need to choose your banker, set up your board, give each player their money and roll the dice.

The aim of the game is to remain financially stable whilst forcing opponents into bankruptcy and developing pieces of property.

Look, like we said before, you either love Monopoly or you hate it, but it’s deffo a board game you need to have in your accommodation for a rainy day.

Purchase the game here!

8.  Would I Lie To You?

You might’ve seen this TV show before, or at least flicked past it when deciding what to wear!

It’s a great game to play with your mates in your student accommodation and really tests your ability in putting on your BEST poker face.

Can you fool your opponents with an on-the-spot lie, or will you give the game away?!

Purchase the game here and get ready to lie through your teeth!

9.  The Logo Boardgame

How good are you with your logos? The Logo Boardgame will really test your memory because there are some seriously retro ones on there!

The board game challenges players to answer questions in 3 categories, choose between picture cards, potluck cards, and common theme cards.

Played in teams, this board game is perfect for having a laugh with your mates and enjoying yourselves in your student house!

Purchase the game here!

10. Drawing Without Dignity

Think Telestrations but a little more #edgy, that is Drawing Without Dignity!

It’s pretty inappropriate, full of slang, and deffo not for the easily offended.

The first team chooses an artist who rolls the dice and takes a card to see what is drawn.

Flip the timer, and the artist draws the given clue for their team to try and guess to win a point.

This game is pretty similar to Cards Against Humanity, so just bear that in mind, and don’t be alarmed by all the swear words!

Get the game here.

There are our picks for the best board games ever! See, board games don’t have to be boring do they? Perfect to play with your mates on a rainy day when you can’t be bothered to go out, give these games a whirl and see what you think. Wondering what’s best for you, shared accommodation, or studios? Give our latest blog a read and make your decision!