The 5 Best Language Learning Apps For Students To Download Now

For some learning a new language can be hard. It is a skill that takes some time to work on before you become fluent. It takes knowing 10,000 words before you are fluent in one language!

Plus, it is thought that learning a new language is easier when you are young – what better time to start than now. Learning a new language can open up a lot of opportunities for you. Both for career prospects and personal growth.

Whether that is finding your dream job abroad or jobs that require someone who is bilingual like an interpreter. Or even going on holiday – being able to speak the native language will give you more confidence to explore and interact.

So why not try it whilst you are a student studying at university?

It can be daunting at first but you will get the hang of it in no time,  but if you are not sure where to start, don’t worry we are here to help…

Here are a few of the best language learning apps that can be used on IOS and Android phones.

best language learning apps

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a popular language learning app that is free to use.

There are over 40 languages for you to choose from so pick the one that fits the best for you.

It provides a fun and effective way to learn a new language – with game-like lessons that will help improve your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills.

Its method of teaching is proven to help you retain what you have learned in the long term, you will be speaking another language in no time at all!

To keep you motivated you can track your progress in the app and get some fun rewards. So make sure you challenge yourself.

Whilst you can learn for free they do have Super Duolingo which gets rid of the ads but that requires a subscription.


Download here:


Android App

2. Memrise

Memrise is a free language learning app that helps you learn through authentic means.

It has over 20 languages to choose from including languages specific from a certain region – for example if you would like to learn Spanish you can choose from either European Spanish or Mexican Spanish.

Memrise helps you learn through real situations from ordering a coffee to making conversation.

Through video and audio clips so you can understand not only the pronunciation of the word or phrase, but also everything that is needed with it from tone and rhythm to body language.

You will get the feel for the language as a whole to help you speak fluently whatever your motivation to learn the language is.

But be sure to keep challenging yourself as well – practice makes perfect!

To access more advanced features you will need to subscribe – for an annual subscription it’s around £5 a month.


Download here: 


Android App

3. Mondly

Mondly is an innovative language app that is free to download.

With access to 33 languages to choose from – they are sure to have one that suits you perfectly.

They provide daily lessons for you to learn core words, form sentences and enable you to take part in conversations.

With Mondly you will have everything you need with exercises for reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Plus help from a dictionary and state of the art speech recognition technology – it’s like having your own little tutor no matter where you are.

You will be able to master the most useful 5,000 words and phrases, so using this alongside further studies will keep you on track to be able to speak a new language fluently.

To access the app’s features and courses it requires a subscription of around £8 a month or around £40 a year – that is around £3 a month.


Download here:


Android App

4. LingQ

LingQ is a free language learning app that focuses on learning through real content you love.

Whilst they still provide learning through teaching words and phrases which is helpful when you are a complete beginner.

They help you learn through reading news articles, books, blogs and more – if you really wanted you could import this blog and try to read it in the language you want to learn.

The app allows you to look up and save new words and phrases and track the words you already know and have recently learnt – your knowledge will grow in no time at all!

Remember to push yourself.

Why not take up the challenges the app provides periodically. They are a good way to see how much you have learnt and will help you retain everything you have learnt. It will also highlight areas you might need to work on.

If you would prefer unlimited use of the app, you will need to upgrade to the premium version of LingQ.


Download here:


Android App

5. Lingopie

If you would rather learn a new language without the usual courses and exercises, then Lingopie is the app for you.

Love to binge watch a tv show or have a movie marathon?

Lingopie provides you with thousands of authentic tv shows, films and shorts from around the world.

Suitable for all levels so you can work your way up from simple cartoons to complex dramas.

Watch whilst you learn – with tools that help you to pause, repeat, pronounce and more!

They also have fun exercises and quizzes based on what you have watched to help you memorize the words and improve your vocabulary.

You can use Lingopie free for a limited amount of time.

To use it frequently it requires you to subscribe – £9.99 a month but they also do discount for yearly subscriptions, currently you can get a yearly subscription for £4.99 a month.


Download here:


Android App

We hope you find these apps useful and enjoyable – learning a new language should be fun! Why not try it with friends. That way you can keep each other motivated and challenge each other.

Speaking of apps..uni is a time to make more friends, here are some other apps you can download.