Spring Clean 2022: 10 Ways to Declutter and Organise your Student Place 

When you think of a student bedroom, you’ll most likely picture it as extremely messy and very disorganised. This is the perception of students, even when you are a student! Living independently for the first time is a challenge for many students, which means that come this time of year you might need to think about a declutter and organise project, even if you are generally a tidy person. Doing this helps to clear away the cobwebs, makes you feel better mentally to have an organised space and to make sure you have a good student home to relax in alongside a clear, dedicated space to work too.  

Here are 10 tips for your spring clean in 2022 – the best ways to declutter and organise your student place. 

1. Clean out your wardrobe 


The best way to do a spring clean is to look at what you’ve got and remove what you no longer need. Your wardrobe is a great place to start because we all have too many clothes don’t we?! Take out all the clothes from your wardrobe and look at what you always wear (put them in the keep pile), what you never wear (put them in the charity donation pile), and those seasonal items you won’t need till winter (put them in the pile to be stored under the bed). 

2. Declutter and organise under your bed 


If you have space under your bed to store things this is a brilliant way to maximise your space and to keep the room clear and tidy after a spring clean without the need to throw out some things you don’t really want to. Under the bed is the perfect place to store your large bags and suitcases, winter clothing and winter bedding, and other bulky items that you don’t need out in the room all the time. A bed pocket organiser helps to divide the under-bed storage into different compartments, with different pockets used for different items. 

3. Create dedicated space for different items 


The best way to declutter and organise your student space is to create areas and spaces for different things. So, for example, you can use different boxes for different things, and those items that are related can be stored next to each other. Your winter clothing and winter bedding can be stored next to each other in different boxes, as an example. This way, you don’t waste space, and everything has a clear purpose. 

4. Over-door hooks are a winner 

over the door hangers

If you struggle with your floor becoming a ‘floordrobe’, your clothes everywhere and no floor space in sight, one of the best ways you can declutter and organise your student accommodation is to invest in some over-door hooks. These help you create storage space where there was previously none. An over-door hook board with a few hooks attached to it makes great use of space on the back of your bedroom door, and they are especially useful in the bathroom where you can use them to hang towels. 

5. Organise your drawers with clever dividers 

drawer dividers

It is always important to make the most of your drawer space, no matter what size your student bedroom is. When you are going through the process of decluttering and organising your bedroom, the drawers are a vital part of this. If you nail the organisation of your drawers, you’ll have done much of the work for the room as a whole! There are no rules when it comes to what you can store in your drawers, from underwear and clothing, your textbooks, make-up and more. Clever drawer dividers help you to keep things mega organised, placing different types of items in different compartments.  

6. Buy the right laundry basket 

laundry basket full of messy clothes

One of your biggest problems is your pile of dirty clothes, right? Where can you put them to keep things tidy? A good tip to declutter and organise your room well is to buy the right laundry basket. Choose a basket that fits well within the shape and size of your room, a tall and narrow one should do. This doesn’t take up loads of space but gives you the perfect chance to clear away the clutter of dirty clothes.  

7. Create a comfortable study space 

an organised and clean desk

Your spring clean is all about clearing your student bedroom, getting rid of unwanted items, and making everything a bit cleaner. Your study area is an important part of this, as this is one of the most important parts of your life in university. Creating a clean, comfortable study space will help you to keep focus when you need to work and ensures that everything is in place and ready to go, rather than a messy space on the bed where you’re never quite fully ready to work when you really need to. 

8. Stationary storage on your desk 

stationary on your desk

The cleaner and clearer your desk is the better your brain can function. A lot of people say that a messy desk leads to a messy mind, and if your study space and desk is there to help you get the most out of your studies it should be part of the declutter and organise process as you spring clean in 2022! There are a few ways you can clean the desk, with shelving, stationary holders and wire racks or corkboards to organise your stationery and keep the desk and mind clear and focused on the work ahead. 

9. Organise your course files and materials 


You should have quick, easy access to your files whenever you need them. Make sure that all your physical files and folders, notepapers, and course textbooks are organised well. This should be around your study space and desk ideally. Even though most work is done on your laptop and online, you’ll still likely have course materials that are physical, like books.  

10. Organise your digital files

files on computer

Your digital files should also be organised and easy to find when you need to do work. A messy desktop on your laptop is just as bad for you as a messy desk! Your spring clean should include a digital clear out. Delete files that you no longer need and organise your files into easy-to-locate folders. This makes it much easier to get working when you are studying, and not to get lost in the pile of single files and messy folders spread across different parts of your screen! 

These 10 tips on how to declutter and organise your student space will go a long way to helping you with your spring clean this year. Please get in touch and let us know your own personal tips on keeping a clear student bedroom and a clear mind. It certainly helps to blow the cobwebs away, maximise your space, and makes sure that you have the perfect place to both relax and work hard when you need to.