Our Hangover Survival Kit Guide To Help You Through Your Sore Head

Imagine splitting a coconut. That’s what a hangover feels like just with a very, very, very dry mouth. A bad hangover is literally the worst.




Unquenchable thirst.

Aching body.

If you’re going to have a wild time, you’re going to pay for it in more ways than one.

What Is A Hangover And What Does A Hangover Feel Like?

hangover survival kit

Here’s the science.

Well, a hangover, unsurprisingly, is a by-product from drinking too much alcohol. There are various factors that can contribute to a hangover:

  • Dehydration: from peeing more when you’re on the razz to not getting enough water before bed, dehydration is a key factor that influences what your head is going to be like the next day. Dehydration means you loose key minerals and electrolytes that promote healthy body function.
  • Stomach acid: alcohol increases the production of your stomach acid which means digestion slows right down. This can lead to feelings of nausea when you drink too much. However, you should never EVER drink on an empty stomach!
  • Sleep deprivation: even though you can feel oh so sleepy on the booze, you won’t get a proper night’s kip. Alcohol prohibits you falling into a deep sleep, leaving you sleep deprived and cranky.
  • Headaches: these are caused by the expanded blood vessels from alcohol.

Pretty grim right? And probably not enough to put you off having a night out.

The key to not getting a hangover is not drinking too much – classic solution.

But if, like us, you sometimes forget to drink your water between drinks, have your water and snack by your bed ready for when you get in and decide to try every drink under the sun rather than stick to one type of drink, you’re going to get the hangover from hell.

Like all things though, this too shall pass.

And we, ahem, have a touch more experience in dealing with nasty sore heads so we thought we’d pull together the Hangover Survival Guide for those who get too carried away.

1. Berocca

berocca drink to help your sore head

A hangover icon – Berocca is a student store cupboard essential.

Giving you a massive load of vitamin C, minerals and electrolytes, this orange bombshell is the first thing you need after the night before.

2. Water

water drinking

The transparent elixir. The one and only. The go to.

Water is key to surviving a hangover. Downing a few pints of the stuff before bed (if you remember) is gold dust. It will hydrate you for a few hours and soften the impending doom that awaits when you wake up.

3. Juice

bottles of juice

If you need something tasty to wet your whistle, get some quash, full fat coke, Lucozade etc down ya!

Low blood sugar can compound a sore head further, so this is probably the only time you’ll get a pass to drink a full sugar fizzy drink.

Drink too much though, and you’ll be all over the shop with those sugar levels. The caffeine in some of those drinks will also help with a headache too.

4. Food

man eating food with drink on a hangover

Hmmm. This is a touch and go item on our hangover survival kit so just see what works for you. It’s super important you have something to give your body nourishment and energy. Here our top five foodie picks:

1) Bananas – rich in potassium and helps your body replenish vitals stores

2) Watermelon – high in that good old water, sweet and perfect for rehydration

3) Avocado- there’s a reason why avo on toast is on every brunch menu. Good for your liver and high in potassium, these green machines are key to getting over a hangover

4) Coconut water – loaded with electrolytes – just what your body needs

5) Carbs – all the carbs please. But not greasy ones. Greasy, high fat foods don’t soak anything up, they’re really hard to digest and will mess with your blood sugar levels.

5. Sleep

girl sleeping

For many people, alcohol can interrupt your sleep.

You’d think it would actually make you sleep deeper and longer, but you’d be so very wrong.

A lack of sleep might not cause a hangover, but it certainly doesn’t make it any better.

Fatigue can cause nasty headaches on top of your thumping alcohol induced one. Make sure you pack in those ZZ’s throughout the day.

Naps on the sofa, in bed, watching a film, snuggling your boo or your mate or both is going to see you through this.

6. Dioralyte

hangover survival kit

Used for when you have diarrhoea, these miracle sachets contain the salts, minerals and electrolytes you will have lost while boozing. It’s safe to take even if you don’t have the trots as they just rehydrate the body.

There are some other medicines that you’ll hear people talk about, but we’d avoid these unless you’ve spoken to a doctor.

There are also some so called ‘miracle’ drinks out there like Overhang and Morning Recovery you could try. Drinks like these have electrolytes and minerals that can be found in the things we’ve mentioned above so save your money for your night out.

7. End game

man having a hangover

At the end of the day, don’t overdo it.

Your body is an amazing thing – maybe don’t try to push it to its limits. If you’re getting super bad, vomity hangovers all the time, chances are you’re probably drinking more than your body can handle and should look at cutting down.


No doubt, you’ve heard ‘hair of the dog’ is a hangover magical cure but don’t get tempted. Drinking alcohol to combat the effects of alcohol can lead to bad habits and not allowing your body to fully recover so it isn’t recommended. Christmas and NYE and some of the best times of the year, just make sure you enjoy them safely.