New City, New Love: 7 Best dating apps for students

Are you a student eager to find the person of your dreams whilst at uni? Well, you can with these 7 dating apps which are perfect for finding new love, in a new city!

Carry on reading to find out which ones are best for you to download, for IOS and Android.

Love is in the air…

Dating apps

1. Uni-Dating

Uni-Dating is a young start-up from a computing student at Imperial College London that created the app three years ago.

The fact it has been developed from students to students means it’s gotta be good, eh?

While you are checking who’s on the app to later send it to your the friends group chat, you can see the University that they go to and what year they are in on their profile.

This is created so users can come up with a quick and stupid pick up line to get the other person’s attention!

However, you can only speak to someone when both of you have liked the other one which mean’s you won’t get messages off people that you’re not interested in.

Download for IOS or Android.

Uni-dating app

2. Happn

Do you remember that person you walked by on campus the other day? You missed them but you could find them on Happn – love at first sight could happen again. Kind of. Ok, it’s not really love at first sight as you go and look for them but let’s say the effort is what matters!

You could also play the CrushTime which will show you all the people you crossed paths with. Dating and doing cardio at the same time.

To use the app you need to have a Google, Facebook or a phone number to verify the account for extra protection – forget being catfished!

This is the perfect app for uni students. Once you have registered, you get to see people who’re near you.

The best thing is that you can go out to class and you will be able to check people who have crossed paths with you so you never miss out!

Happn has over 100 million members worldwide, with 1.5 million new users every month.

The matches you’ll get as soon as you create the account, will be based on age and gender preferences.

Download for IOS or Android.

Happn app

3. Feeld

“Open-minded meet like-minded”

For those who are sick of choosing between girl/boy looks for a girl/boy. If you don’t want to participate in gender roles, then Feeld is the app for you.

It’s a free dating site (purchases in-app available) that offers more than twenty sexuality and gender identity options.

Not looking for love? That’s perfectly fine! Feeld also allows you to create friendships with people who are like-minded.

You don’t even have to show your details straight away. There is a private option where you can hide your profile from others until you like them first.

Download for IOS or Android.

Feeld app

4. Tinder U

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps at the minute and good news for you students, they have just introduced a new feature, Tinder U.

Are you tired of wasting time swiping right or left on people having to filter them by age, location, and all them tiring filters?

You could get Tinder U which is specifically used for University Students. No more scammers pretending to be 21 when they are clearly 49.

You could find that person you got attached to in the University party but couldn’t approach at that time! How does it work? As soon as you register with your student email, you will be geolocalized which will show you everyone who’s also registered on campus.

Tinder can be downloaded directly from the App Store or Android Store so, if you feel like trying something new, just create a new account registering with a student email and you will slide directly to Tinder U.

Download for iOS or Android.

Tinder U app feature

5. Hinge

“Go on your last first date.”

Depending on your ideal of relationship at this moment, Hinge could be best dating app for you! Hinge is focused on creating a real connection that leads into a serious relationship. If you are looking for a casual relationship, keep scrolling.

However, If you are not closing any doors, try Hinge.

It works by answering some questions during the sign up process, which are of your choosing and are publicly shown on your profile.

They go from “What’s your favourite dish?” to “If you could have a super power, what would you choose”. Answering these questions gives you a chance to react to them saying how bad it is to have a “Plain Jacket Potato” as a favourite dish without even putting cheese prior so you can screen people for walking red flags.

It gives you the chance to see people’s personality that tickle your fancy and have the same sense of humour as you!

This free app (in-app purchases available) but the best thing is that looking at the pictures and the replies users write, you can swipe right or left, go try it for yourself!

Download for iOS or Android.


6. Her

For women seeking women it can be difficult to find a great dating app, especially at a young age.

HER is one of the most popular lesbian and bisexual dating app.

It’s created by and for queer women, non-binary, trans and gender nonconforming people to find love or new friendships.

We all know you’re not in elementary school anymore so you can’t casually slide a note asking them to be your girlfriend with two ticking boxes, but you could find them in HER.

Also, if  you don’t know where to start, you could ask people around or read reviews on HER as this dating app is very recommended for students because it’s free!

It gives you the opportunity to look around and explore dating preferences.

HER is one of those dating apps that allows you to create relationships with new people with your same interests.

Don’t worry if you are not ready to date just yet, take your time and meet new people around you!

Sometimes we might find it harder as we could feel pressured to go on dates but HER gives you the opportunity to open on the bigger picture meeting people you could find interesting.

Download for IOS or Android.

Her app

7. Facebook Dating

We all know Facebook as one of the most popular social media sites, but what about their new upgrade uploading a free dating site?

It started a couple years ago with a really low registration but it’s now blew up in popularity.

We use Facebook to see what’s new on university pages, groups or events. In the dating site, you can share the event you are going to (so they can pretend they are going and meet you casually) or you can directly talk to the person you like in the Facebook dating app!

Go straight to Facebook as it will download your information and it will create a profile with the existing photos.

It might be a good moment to take that Pokemon picture off your profile or actually, you might get even more matches with it!

You can decide if Pikachu is a Red or Green Flag, it’s up to you.

On Facebook Dating, you could see if your current crush has the dating enabled so you can speak to them through the dating site showing your full intentions!

Also, if they don’t have it, you can see people nearby just in case you prefer meeting in real life.

Download for IOS or Android.

Facebook dating

There we have it single people, the end of our blog on the best dating apps for students. What are you waiting for?! Go find the love of your life in your new university city or town.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea to be found when you download these.  Go and send the first message from your student flat and find your match.

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