National Day Of Unplugging: What Are The Benefits?

Be ready to prepare yourself for the 3rd March 2023, as the first Friday in March every year is the National Day of Unplugging.

A perfect excuse to get out of the cocoon that is your student accommodation and explore your city.

Or even to start something you have been meaning to but never got around to, whether that is a new book you’ve been wanting to read or a hobby you have always wanted to try.

It may even be something you start to include in your everyday routine or continue to do every so often, so why not join us this March for a day of unplugging? 

Carry on reading to find out more! 

national day of unplugging what are the benefits

What Is National Day Of Unplugging?

Nowadays the use of technology is a big factor in our daily lives, we are constantly on our phones, laptops, Ipads and more.

Whether it’s from scrolling through social media, staying in touch with family and friends or for studying, technology is a huge part of our lives. 

The internet is so readily available, it is so easy to disconnect from the real world and from building real connections.

National Day of Unplugging is 24 hours starting from sundown until sundown of disconnecting from technology – yes that means your phone!

Use this time to connect with people and build some good relationships, unwind from studying, relax and do anything that does not require the use of a device or social media.

This is also a good opportunity to meet up in person with friends you may not have seen in a while to have a little catch up. 

national day of unplugging

The Benefits Of Unplugging

Discover below about the benefits of unplugging on your mental and physical wellbeing, as well as your daily life!

1. Eyesight

Using technology, especially if you use it a lot, can put a strain on your eyes or cause dry eyes.

Have you noticed your eyes hurt after staring at your screen for a long time? It’s the worst! 

This is because when we focus we tend to blink less and a habit we have developed whilst looking at screens is to blink less.

Taking a step away from technology even for a day will rest your eyes and help reduce eye strain.

You may actually feel that your eyes are more comfortable after spending some time away from a screen.

This could encourage you to continue spending even less time on a device which will help your eyes in the long run.

Check out Eyesite for a more in depth look into how technology affects your eyes.

eyestrain from technology national day of unplugging

2. Boost Productivity 

Taking some time away from technology can help you be more productive and better focused.

Devices can be a big cause for distraction with all those notifications we can receive during the day from the likes of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Plus texts and calls that we can feel pressured to answer and respond to instantly.

Taking that distraction away will stop any interruptions from doing what you are doing or need to do.

This includes being able to focus on revising for an exam or studying and being able to retain the information without stopping constantly to check your phone.

So turn that phone off and put it away and see if you notice any benefits, even if it’s only for a short period of time! 

boost productivity national day of unplugging

3. Better Sleep

Constantly looking at a screen can disrupt your sleep cycle making it hard to fall asleep and leaves you restless and exhausted.

Studies suggest that anything longer than 1.5 hours of technology use particularly before bedtime can disrupt sleep patterns which can be a real problem when you need to get up the next morning.

It is also suggested that interactive devices are more disruptive than passive devices, so using a device to read or listen to music is preferable.

So stepping back from using technology especially before sleeping can prepare you for a better night’s sleep and you will actually be able to get some rest.

Take a read of the Sleep Health Foundation for more information about sleep and technology.

sleeping better unplugged from technology

4. Mental Health

Technology can negatively impact your mental health, particularly the easy access we have to social media and everything it entails.

Reducing the time you spend on social media and using devices can boost your mental health for the better.

It reduces stress and anxiety as you won’t be constantly bombarded with emails and notifications, and won’t be scrolling mindlessly through apps.

It also reduces the feeling of loneliness by allowing you to focus on building relationships in person and communicating face to face rather than online.

Plus, scrolling on social media can have a negative impact on our self esteem and confidence due to comparing ourselves to other people – remember, it’s only a highlight reel! 

If you’re struggling with your mental health there are services available from the NHS, alternatively you can make an appointment with your GP. 

improved mental health taking time from technology

5. Physical Health

Technology doesn’t just affect your mental health, it can also impact your physical health as well. 

Spending so much time on devices can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle and can lead to repetitive stress injuries.

Plus spending less time using technology can help reduce the stress on your body like improving body posture and reducing the risk of injuries.

Taking some time away from your phone will encourage you to be more active and will make you feel a whole lot better so, put that phone down and limber up. 

It’s up to you how you stay fit, there isn’t a certain way to exercise.

So, whether you prefer heading to the gym, going for a walk or going for a run, you should take some time to unplug and focus on your physical wellbeing – you may just reap the benefits! 

physical health and technology

6. Build Connections

Whilst technology and specifically social media nowadays makes it so easy for you to connect with other people and keep up to date with loved ones, there is still a barrier that stops you from making any real relationships.

Putting your phone down and even deleting some apps can help you connect in the real world and build up friendships with people in person.

So why not spend this National Day of Unplugging connecting with fellow students, you could even set up a social gathering that people can attend. 

Whether that is just a place to hang over some drinks or a whole game – who loves a murder mystery?

building connections university

7. Live In The Moment

It’s so easy to be immersed in the world of technology and social media and forget that not everything you see on there is real life.

Taking time away and disconnecting from that world allows you to increase your attention span, self awareness and mindfulness.

So that you can appreciate all the moments, time and people you encounter throughout the day.

It also gives you space to develop character traits from the likes of empathy to gratitude and overall a better perspective on life.

living in the moment national day of unplugging

Well that is our list of the benefits of unplugging completed. We hope you join us on March 3rd by putting down your phones and other devices for at least a day. 

There are many positives of unplugging from your devices and taking a step back from social media, try it just for 24 hours and see what changes you notice!

If you find your mental health is being impacted, check out our Tips For Your Mental Health blog for ways to help combat this.