How to Land A Summer Internship: Student Guide

As a student, summer break isn’t just about relaxation; it’s a prime time to embark on an exciting internship journey. Why? Because internships offer you a taste of the real working world and a chance to learn while having some fun!

 Whether you’re stepping into the professional world for the first time or looking to enhance your skills, this guide is your go-to resource.

In the following sections, we’ll walk you through the essential steps, from crafting a winning resume to mastering interviews and securing that dream internship. We understand that this process can be daunting, but with the right guidance and a can-do attitude, you’re well on your way to success.

So, let’s dive in and discover how you can turn your summer break into a valuable learning experience, gain practical skills, and boost your career prospects

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Plan Ahead Of Time

It is not possible to land a good summer internship just a week before your summer break. This is why it’s good to plan ahead of time and decide if you would like to take up internships over the break.

Most summer internships open earlier on in the year, so by planning, you will be able to apply to opportunities that you might have otherwise missed.

Once you have decided to take up a summer internship, the next step is to decide which field you would like to try out. 

Internships are great ways to try working in several different industries before deciding which one you would like to stick with. But having a couple of industries in mind can help narrow down your internship search and make it easier!

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Prepare Your Resume

The most important step in landing a good summer internship is an excellent resume. You might be confused about what to include in your resume especially if you have no prior work experience. 

But don’t worry, because universities usually have a career team that will be happy to assist you in creating yours. 

You can consider including any leadership and volunteering experiences that you have. Regardless of how small it might seem to you, it is worth including every experience and achievement that you have which is relevant to the position you are applying to. 

You don’t have to worry about not having sufficient experience since it is an internship. Companies are not looking for people with the most experience but rather promising candidates who will be able to learn in the role quickly.

A person holding a paper that reads resume and a person sitting in on the table opposite to it

Create A LinkedIn Profile

If you haven’t already, you should create a LinkedIn profile that highlights everything that you mentioned in your resume. LinkedIn is a great platform to use for your job search and reach out to employers directly. Just like any other social media platform, you will be able to see the profiles of people working in different organisations and you can connect with them.

You can start connecting with your professors and classmates first to slowly start building your network. The bigger your network is, the more profiles you will be able to see.

You can also look up people in different organisations that you would like to work for and ask them for any tips they have for people starting out. Most of the time, people are always happy to help students starting out and they can offer you valuable advice which can help you in your internship search. 

You can also follow the companies that you are interested so you will be able to find out about any job openings that they have. 

Laptop and phone showing the LinkedIn App


Finding internships is not only limited to the websites but also your network, both online and offline. 

You will be able to grow your network by attending any carer events that your university hosts.

Seminars and guest lectures are excellent ways to be able to directly talk to industry professionals whom you might not be able to reach out to otherwise. You can directly ask them any questions you have about their industry and ask for tips for starters. This is a great way to build a connection and a lot of people find job opportunities through their extended network. 

A professor talking to a student

Start Your Search 

Trying to find the right opportunities might seem overwhelming, but dont worry as there are several platforms like Linkedin and Indeed that are dedicated to helping people find opportunities. 

After creating a profile, you will be able to browse through hundreds of jobs that are uploaded daily. You will just have to take the time to check the requirements and apply before the deadline. 

You can also regularly check the websites of the companies that you would like to intern at. This way you might be able to find opportunities that might not be advertised elsewhere. 

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Attend Interview Training

Another great benefit of the career services in universities is the interview training that they provide. They will be able to assess your strengths and help you answer the most common interview questions effectively. Some of them even provide mock interviews, so that you can master your interviewing skills.

You can also practice interview questions with your friends or classmates. You both can take turns asking the questions so that you can get used to the nervousness that comes with attending an interview. When it comes to interviews, it is all about confidence so keep practising your skills!

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Trust Yourself

While this process of starting an internship might seem scary, always remember that everyone has to start somewhere. You are there to learn and regardless of where you choose to intern, embrace the process and learn as much as you can from the process. 

Ask all the questions you have and trust yourself to do a good job. You are not expected to be perfect, you are just expected to learn. 

Most importantly, the professional connections that you make at the internship could potentially help you land full-time jobs in the future, so do your best regardless of how small or big the role is.

Girl wearing a grey suit in an office for her summer internship

In conclusion, landing a summer internship is an exciting journey filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. By following the steps and tips outlined in this guide, you’re well on your way to securing the internship of your dreams. Remember to stay proactive, confident, and adaptable throughout the process and we trust that you will find the perfect opportunity!

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