How To Beat Homesickness at University

Starting university can be an exciting journey filled with new experiences, but it’s also common to feel a tug of homesickness.

Adjusting to a new environment, away from familiar faces and routines, can be challenging. However, there are effective ways to combat homesickness and embrace your university adventure fully.

From staying connected with loved ones to exploring campus activities and creating a comforting space in your accommodation, this blog explores practical tips to help you beat homesickness.

Discover how to nurture a sense of belonging, make new friends, and build a supportive network that transforms your university experience into a memorable and enriching chapter of life.

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Acknowledge your feelings

The first step towards overcoming homesickness while at university is acknowledging your feelings. 

It is important to remember that feeling homesick is absolutely normal and it is not something you should be ashamed of. You will be surprised to find out how many people are in the exact same situation as you. 

It is not an easy change and acknowledging it is the first step towards overcoming it!

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Stay Connected 

One of the best ways to be able to beat homesickness while at university is by staying connected with your loved ones.

Suddenly changing environments can seem overwhelming at any scale and university is no different. 

Sometimes all you want is to be able to see the people you know and love, for you to be at ease. This is why it is a good idea to regularly talk to your friends and family whenever you get the time.

There is no rule or limit on how often you talk to them and reaching out more now doesn’t mean that you are not putting yourself out there in this new place.

It is all about balance, and it is natural for you to want to talk to familiar faces at least while starting off. 

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Explore Campus Resources

If you find yourself struggling a lot, then be sure to reach out to the university resources that are there to help you.

Universities have counsellors and other teams who are there to help students settle into their new university life. 

They have helped numerous students before you and they know exactly how you must be feeling. So do not hesitate to ask them for help if you need it!

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Get Involved 

If you find yourself having too much time to spare, then a good way to beat homesickness at university is by finding new things to occupy yourself with. 

This can be clubs and societies, new classes, or even a part-time job! 

All that matters is that you are regularly meeting new people and putting yourself out there to try out new activities!

This can not only help you take your mind off things but also help you build a new social life in your new city.

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Make Your Place Feel Like Home

One of the greatest joys of moving into a student accommodation is to be able to decorate it as you wish and make that place your own. 

A great way to help you beat homesickness at university is by decorating it in a way that feels like home. 

This could be decor that you bring from your old home or even things similar to what you used to have. 

Be sure to be mindful of the rules in your student accommodation while decorating your place, but beyond that, it is a simple and easy way to make a place feel like home.

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Explore Your Local Area

Another common reason why students feel homesick is because of the lack of familiarity in their new city.

Not knowing where the nearest shop is, which bus takes you where and how to get around can be really challenging at first. 

This is why exploring the new city that you are in and familiarising yourself with things can help ease the process of settling in.

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Build A Healthy Routine 

Yet another way to settle into university is by building a new routine. 

This can be eating habits, health habits, creating a new schedule to manage your work and so on. 

Adapting your routine can take time but will certainly help with beating your homesickness at university one step at a time. 

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Set Goals 

Similar to building a healthy routine, it is also important to set goals for the future so that you can have something to look forward to!

These can be academic goals, personal goals, professional goals and so on. When you are starting university is also the perfect time to create goals since it can then guide your actions for the rest of the year!

Be concise with your goals and split each goal into an actionable task so that you can keep track of them as well.

Read this blog on New Year, New Goals: Setting Academic Resolutions For January to help you get started.

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Beating homesickness at university is about finding a balance between embracing new opportunities and staying connected to your roots. Remember, it’s okay to feel homesick, and many students experience it.

By actively engaging in campus life, making friends, and maintaining contact with loved ones, you can ease the transition and cultivate a sense of belonging.

Embrace the journey, explore your surroundings, and remember that with time, homesickness often fades as you create new memories and build a fulfilling university life.

You’ve taken the first step towards independence and growth—now, let each day bring you closer to feeling at home in your new environment.

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