Glow Up 2023: All the TikTok Tips You Need to Start The Year Right

2023 is glow up season and with these TikTok tips you’ll get the year off to a flying start and become the best version of yourself.

You’re going to want to take these tips on board to achieve your goals and make positive changes to all aspects of your life.

From quitting comparing yourself to others, to choosing you over anyone else, to acknowledging good things take time, these tips will help you become a better person this year.

After all, who doesn’t love a good inspirational TikTok vid to get the positive vibes flowing?

Trust us, you are gonna level up this year and we’re here to help you on your journey – you’re welcome!

TikTok Tips To Glow Up

Cheers to being your best self and glowin’ up in 2023 with these 10 tips…

TikTok Tips To Glow Up 

1. Reevaluate What You Didn’t Accomplish In 2022

The sheer definition of a glow up is a mental, physical, and an emotional transformation for the better.

That’s why in order to do so, you need to reevaluate what it is you didn’t accomplish in 2022, and work from there.

We’re not saying you should be hard on yourself for all the things you didn’t do last year, but you should use it as motivation to push you to hit these targets this year.

This TikTok video by @pamelamvaldez hits the nail on the head, she states that you should look at the things you didn’t accomplish and work around this.

She then goes on to say how can you accomplish it in 2023? What stopped you from accomplishing this previously? What can you do to get to where you wanna be?

You need to close the door on the previous chapter of your life and not dwell on the past, but make sure you learn from it in order to make positive changes to your life.

thinking about goals

2. Don’t Rush, Good Things Take Time

It’s important to take time to think about what you want to achieve in 2023 whether it’s personal or professional goals as these goals can help give you direction and motivation.

Although, in the wise words of this TikTok creator @isabella_self_education you should remember that good things take time.

Don’t try to rush to hit all of your goals too quickly or expect everything to change overnight, you’ve got the whole year to do so.

Be patient and slow down, good things will happen for you this year but you can’t expect everything to fall into place straight away.

good things take time glow up new year

3. Start Journaling

Next on our list of TikTok tips to glow up for the new year is by user @herrcoaching who suggests you need to start journaling if you don’t already to change your mindset for 2023.

She states you should “start writing your vision, your mission and your purpose and live by it”.

We believe this is so important because writing down your thoughts and feelings helps you understand them better, helps reduce stress and boosts mindfulness to name a few benefits!

You should try to write in your journal everyday whether it’s discussing your goals, where you want to be by the end of the year, what you’re grateful for, you name it.

There’s no right or wrong way to start journaling, spend time doing whatever feels best for you and you’ll reap the benefits this year.

tiktok tips journaling

4. Stop Wishing You Were Someone Else

We really wish that everyone could live by this motto of not wishing you were someone else, but we know it’s easier said than done.

Comparing yourself to others has got to stop if you’re wanting to glow up this year.

This TikTok tip by @arina.negishi is so important as so many of us compare our self and our lives to other peoples.

Whether it’s wishing we looked like someone else, had someone else’s job, had someone else’s lifestyle, someone else’s bank account, someone else’s relationship, the list really does go on.

You need to remind yourself that everyone is on their own path in life, and yours may look or feel different to other people’s, and that’s okay.

Social media makes it so easy for us to compare ourselves to others, but you need to remember that most people only share their best moments and it’s a highlight reel.

You never know what’s actually going on behind closed doors no matter how happy someone may look.

Accept who you are and where you are in life, small comparisons are natural but don’t let yourself get too warped into competitive mindsets and behaviours.

comparing yourself to others

5. Choose You First

In order to glow up this year, this TikTok creator @adamcam10 offers a great tip which we all need to live by, which is to choose YOU first before anyone or anything else.

Whether it’s spending time with loved ones, pursuing hobbies, or volunteering, make sure to set aside time for the things that make you happy.

Do what makes you feel positive and always choose yourself over others as it’s your life and not anyone else’s.

It’s not selfish or disrespectful to others to put your wellbeing and goals before theirs.

If you’re a people pleaser who finds it hard to say no to others or constantly feel like you choose what other people want over what you want, you need to switch this up this year.

Don’t put your happiness last, instead make yourself a priority for 2023!

choosing yourself first

6. Read A Little Everyday

This next one is one of our favourite TikTok tips to start the year right and it’s by user @sydgurrry.

The user states you should read a minimum of 15 minutes everyday, it’s even better if it’s educational or self development books.

We’re not saying you should read a novel a night, but try to get in the habit of reading more.

There are so many benefits from stress reduction to being motivational to improving your focus to gaining knowledge to having a positive attitude, the list goes on.

If you’re after a new hobby to develop this year, swap out scrolling on your phone or watching TV to read more books.

reading everyday glow up new year

7. Move Your Body In A Way You Enjoy

We absolutely love this TikTok tip from @plantlythriving to glow up for the New Year which is to move your body in a way you enjoy.

We all know how important exercising is to your physical and mental health but it can be hard to find the time and motivation to stay active.

This year, make time for exercising whether it’s going on walks, practising yoga, heading to the gym, dancing your socks off, hiking, or even boxing.

It’s all about finding the right type of workout to suit you as this will make it easier to get in the routine of exercising.

Whatever way you enjoy being active then do it daily, it’s all about health and wealth this year!

moving your body in a way that you enjoy

8. It Pays To Be Kind

Next up on our list of TikTok tips to start the year right is by user @xopreppy..gals which is to give one compliment a day to someone you don’t usually talk to.

It really does pay to be kind, not only does it make the recipient feel happier and spread positive vibes, but it can also make you feel happier.

Although, the true meaning of being kind is to do something without expecting something in return.

Have you ever had a complete stranger compliment your outfit and it makes your day?

Well, why not make someone else’s day and try to jump on board with random acts of kindness?

If you feel anxious about paying compliments to people, try to come out of your comfort zone, you’ll notice the positive changes when you start being kind to random people you encounter on a daily basis.

You never know, you might just make some new friends!

Likewise, you should also ensure you’re focusing on self love and treating yourself as you would a friend or family member – you deserve compliments too.

being kind to others

9. Wake Up Early

A habit you really need to take with you for 2023 is to wake up early and make the most of the day.

TikTok creator @sydneyaxelrad suggests waking up when the sun rises, going for a walk and making your bed to get you ready for the day ahead.

There are many benefits from waking up when the sun rises, such as having more time for yourself in the morning, enhanced organisation skills, improved performance, a positive attitude and a lowered risk of depression.

Do you spend a lot of time waking up shortly before you need to leave the house?

Rushing around in the morning will make you feel more stressed and can impact your mood for the day.

We’re not saying you should wake up at the crack of dawn everyday, but try waking up a bit earlier everyday and see what positives come from it!

waking up early glow up new year

10. Allow Time To Let Yourself Be & Rest

Whilst all of these TikTok tips are important to start the year right and glow up, you need to ensure you’re allowing time to let yourself be and rest.

This TikTok video highlights how important spending time relaxing and recharging your batteries is.

You should always try to include chill time within your daily routine.

No matter how busy your life is make time to watch your favourite shows, listen to the best podcasts, chill in your pyjamas, do whatever you like doing and don’t feel guilty for it.

You should also give yourself permission to rest and get that all important beauty sleep.

You’ll notice a huge difference in your mental and physical health, your concentration and memory will improve, you’ll feel less stressed and feel less tired, these are just a few of the positives!

You may be caught up in wanting to positively change your life and we love that for you, but don’t forget to take time out.

We’re all human not robots so without letting yourself get enough rest you may end up feeling burnt out!

allowing yourself to chill and rest

So, there you have it, within this guide we’ve discussed all of the TikTok tips you need to start 2023 right.

We wish you the biggest glow up and hope you become the best version of yourself this year, now’s the perfect time to take these tips on board!

Let us know @urbanstudentlife about your best tips to glow up this year.

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