Freshers Hangover? Best Hangover Cures that ACTUALLY work

Freshers Week 2022 is almost here guys, who’s excited?! We can’t wait for you all to experience this iconic rite of passage this September.

Although, it is kind of inevitable you’ll get hangover after hangover after experiencing the nightlife.

No worries though, we’re geniuses when it comes to ways to handle the morning after drinking.

So, read our guide on the 8 best hangover cures that actually work – you’ll be raring and ready to go!


1. Drink Water Before You Go To Bed

One of the best hangover cures that we swear by is drinking a big glass (or a few) of water before going to sleep, it reduces thirst and headaches when you wake up.

So, when you get in from your night out head to your flat kitchen and pour a cold one. You’ll thank us in the morning!

You should also drink plenty of fluids throughout the day after a heavy night to flush out toxins and to stay hydrated. Our go-to’s for staying hydrated are fruit juice or soft drinks!

The science behind this is that alcohol removes water and important nutrients from your body, because it is a diuretic. In simpler terms, chug that water down cos’ its good for you.


2. Have A Berocca

Berocca’s are a world-famous hangover cure which is quite often used at festivals to give music-lovers a pick me up after a night of drinking and partying.

It’s one of our favourites, as all you have to do is drop the tablet into a glass of water and it will create an orange fizz packed with B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, and (in some versions) caffeine.

Why is this a hangover cure? Well, after a sesh with your pals you’ll probably have a pounding headache and feel a little fuzzy, this tablet will help replace nutrients in your body lost through drinking and provide some relief.

You can buy them in most shops and they’re only a couple of quid!


3. Take A Painkiller To Sort Out Your Headache

Let’s be real, after a night of excessive drinking you wake up with the most atrocious headache.

The best hangover remedy for this is to take over-the-counter medicines such as paracetamol or ibuprofen but always read the label and take the recommended amount after eating.

Whilst it isn’t a proven cure for a migraine hangover, taking painkillers, getting enough rest and making sure you drink enough fluids will help you with this symptom.

We suggest stocking up on them, so you always have them on hand in your student accommodation, there’s nothing worse than having to treck to the shop hungover!

Taking a pain reliever can also cause stomach pain so bare this in mind.


4. Make Sure To Eat

After drinking alcohol, you’ll have low blood sugar levels so it’s important to ensure you eat after you’ve woken up.

Get in the kitchen and cook up something good, if you can manage it. If not, order a takeaway.

Although, you should eat foods full of carbohydrates, such as toast when you’re hungover to get your blood levels back up.

Plus, who doesn’t love a nice hearty brekkie?

We’d suggest having some fresh fruit as it can actually help move the alcohol out of your system faster!

It’s important to line your stomach so even if you feel sick and groggy, try to at least eat something AND don’t drink on an empty stomach.


5. Have A Caffeine Drink

When you’ve woken up the night after letting your hair down, you should try to drink a cup of coffee or tea to wake you up and get your energy levels back up.

This is especially important if you’ve got a morning lecture or seminar you need to attend.

Personally, our go-to drink when we’re hungover is an iced coffee but go for whatever tickles ya’ fancy.

Stay away from energy drinks and sports drinks like Lucozade’s or Red Bull’s to cure a hangover though, as these tend to have about twice the amount of caffeine as a cuppa.

They’ll make you dehydrated and anxious which isn’t what you need.


6. Get Plenty Of Sleep

Whilst we know that for some of you fresher’s week is party central and you want to go out and have nonstop fun, it’s important to get enough sleep the night after drinking.

You should try and sleep for 8 hours, but if that’s not possible at least try and get a few hours in and rest during the day before going out again.

Whilst sleeping won’t magically cure how you feel when you wake up, it will help reduce fatigue – you don’t want to get burnout or get fresher’s flu!

A study found that people who slept less after drinking alcohol tended to have a worse hangover than those who didn’t.

7. Take A Shower

Getting in the shower is a great way to reduce some of the symptoms of a hangover, especially a cold one as it will flush out any remaining alcohol and toxins out of your system along with increasing your circulation.

If you’re lucky enough to have a bath in your student home or flat, then have a nice soak and relax in that.

Don’t make the water too hot though, you don’t want to get nauseous.

Not to mention, you’re probably keen to feel a bit fresher after a night of alcohol consumption and partying so it will make you a bit more presentable and wake you up if you’re off to uni for the day!


8. Go Outside

Argh we know, your bed is calling and all’s you want to do is kick back and chill watching telly the morning after being out.

However, going outside is something many people swear by when they’re hungover (yep, really).

We’re not saying you should wake up and immediately go for a run around outside, but getting some fresh air by going on a walk will do you the world of good as you’ll get a rush off endorphins!

Avoid doing any heavy exercise when you’re hungover though, as you don’t want to be even more dehydrated plus you’ll most likely feel dizzy and have low energy levels so it will be a recipe for disaster.


Before we finish up, avoid the hair of the dog, we know it’s tempting to carry on drinking to lessen the effects of your hangover, but you don’t want to get burnout.

Plus, this will only temporarily make you feel better as it only delays your hangover symptoms – more alcohol = feeling even worse!

We hope this blog has prepared you for freshers’ week and you now know some hangover remedies to make use of after a night of heavy drinking.

Have fun, drink responsibly and make it to your early morning lectures!

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