Christmas Gifts For Dad: Ideas With Prices And Links

As Christmas fast approaches it is time to think about the presents you need to buy for different people.

Christmas gifts for dad are one of the most difficult sometimes. As simple as the adult male makes out that they are, and as much as your dad tells you he’s happy with your presence only this Christmas, you know that’s not really true.

Finding that balance between a heart-warming, well-thought-out and personal gift, that doesn’t cost you too much, is important.

Student Discounts When Shopping For Christmas Gifts For Dad

student discounts you need to try

As a student you might not have the biggest of budgets to buy a Christmas gift for your dad this year, that’s understandable.

Wherever you buy your gifts from, make sure to check if there is a student discount available, whether in store or online, aside from that there are some seasonal student deals to be aware of and other student discount guides that can help you make the most of your budget this Christmas.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Dad In 2021

We know that there are different types of dads out there too; the music loving dad, the DIY dad, the beer drinker dad, and the mad heat-challenge dad who’ll eat the spiciest food available just to prove he’s tough!

We’ve put together a list of some of the best Christmas gifts for dad out there this year.

1. A Turntable For The Vinyl Revival

vinyl player for dad

Vinyl is back and if your dad is into his music and had some records of his own back in the day, a good way to bring the music back is to buy him a brand-new turntable this year.

Christmas gifts for dad come no better than this if your dad loves music.

Our choice is the Lenco LS-55WA turntable that you can buy at HMV for £129.99.

It looks fantastic, a wooden turntable that has an old-fashioned feel and with a built-in amp there’s no extra faff involved.

All your dad has to do is choose his favourite record from his collection and place the needle on the groove.

The sound fills up the room nicely, and a nifty USB connection gives you the chance to rip the music from vinyl to MP3 if you wish (not everything your dad likes is available to stream on Spotify or YouTube you know!)

2. Read About A National Treasure

interesting book to use

Bob Mortimer is a national treasure these days. His madcap, surrealist comedy days with Vic Reeves brought him into the public consciousness over 30 years ago.

There’s a good chance that your dad loved Big Night Out and Shooting Stars, two of the biggest comedy shows of the 90s.

In the last few years though, Bob has become more well known for a more sedate TV show with fellow comedian Paul Whitehouse. Gone Fishing shows the pair connecting through fishing and talk of their heart problems.

It’s been a refreshing change to see ambient television with two men of a certain age openly talking about their feelings and mental health. ‘And Away’, Bob Mortimer’s autobiography is an engrossing read with funny, yet moving prose.

You can buy it from Waterstones for £10.

3. Help For The Dad That Likes Cooking But Is Rubbish At Cooking

pan for cooking in

The Lazy Man Frying Pan from MenKind is just £30 at the moment and is the best way to help your dad make a cracking breakfast if he is a lazy cook.

It is a big ol’ frying pan with five different compartments within it. What this means is, if you’re cooking a five-item breakfast, it can all be done in one pan.

No longer will your dad worry about overcooking the sausages, as the eggs creep into the bacon and everything becomes a big, scrambled egg mess, instead of a clean, tasty breakfast.

You know that your dad prefers as little fuss as possible. The Lazy Man Frying Pan cuts down on the amount of equipment you need in the kitchen, and crucially cuts down on the washing up afterwards!

The non-stick pan and ergonomic handle that is soft to the touch, and a heavy, induction steel base, will quickly make it your dad’s favourite piece of kitchen equipment.

4. A Sample (Or Five) Of Craft Beer

craft beer presents for your dad

Your dad loves beer, doesn’t he? For a discerning beer drinker, it can be difficult to find the right gift at Christmas. The last thing you want to do is give your dad a crate of Becks and hope for the best.

Luckily, there are some outstanding breweries and beer suppliers across the country, offering up the latest in craft beer. This Stocking Stuffer from Honest Brew is a fantastic option if your dad is a beer drinker.

A craft beer hamper for just £19.90, your dad will taste some of the finest craft beer from across the UK, alongside a lovely glass to drink it out of, and some snacks to munch on as they sup.

A beer hamper will put a smile on your dad’s face this Christmas and give him his post-Christmas-dinner-drinks sorted.

5. A Christmas Hamper Treat

christmas hamper

This Christmas, the best gift for your dad could be a little bit of everything.

Hampers are a great way to show that you love your dad, with delicious chocolates, cakes, biscuits, fine tea and coffee, wine or beer, and panettone, all delivered within a lovely wicker basket.

There are hampers from all the major supermarkets and outlets, but we know that Aldi Christmas hampers start from as little as £19.99, where you get some bang for your buck.

With a hamper there are little treats for your dad to get through over Christmas, rather than just one gift.

6. Travel The World With Heat Challenges

christmas gifts for dad

If your dad is the type who loves spicy food and trying the hottest curries in the world just to prove to you how tough he is, we’ve got the perfect Christmas gift for dad this year in the shape of this collection of hot sauces from around the world!

For £28 at John Lewis, you can take your dad to all the hottest places on the planet, working through hot sauces from Jamaica and India to name just two.

Watch on in horror as your dad pours a dab of hot sauce onto a brussels sprout as part of a hot sauce challenge post-Christmas dinner. It’s exactly what you expected him to do, right?

7. Would You Like Some Whisky On Your Toast?


A spreadable Whisky marmalade from Oliver Bonas, for a good price of £10, could be exactly what your dad is looking for to enhance breakfast on Christmas morning (or any morning).

Don’t worry about your dad getting a little bit tipsy before breakfast is even over, the alcohol is all cooked off, so he can spread as much marmalade as he likes on his toast without worrying about getting drunk!

This is a fantastic gift if your dad loves whisky, making it difficult for you to buy him a bottle that he hasn’t tried before, or isn’t too expensive for your student budget.

8. A Great Boxing Day Shave

man shaving with cream on his face

Boxing Day is the day your dad likes to get all freshened up after the relaxed Christmas Day proceedings, and what better way to start the day than with a great shave?

No man really loves shaving, so the better the treat of a shaving kit, the better the experience it will be. This Bulldog Shave Collection, prices at £30 from Boots, is the ultimate shaving treat for your dad this Christmas.

It includes an original bamboo razor, moisturiser, face scrub, shave brush and shave bowl. Your dad will feel clean, fresh, and ready to face the world on Boxing Day and beyond with a clean, crisp shave like never before.

9. Combine Football And Board Games

man having fun watching the football

One of the real pleasures of Christmas is the aggressiveness and competitiveness of all the family around a board game.

Now, we all know the classic games of Monopoly and Risk have brought forward some massive arguments over Christmas, so why not give your dad some leeway this year and combine his two loves, football and board games.

Counter Attack is a football strategy game that is like a mix of Football Manager and Subbuteo, over the course of a 90-minute tactical battle. You can find it at Amazon for £35 and it could soon become part of your Christmas board game traditions.

10. DIY Wherever Your Dad Is

man doing DIY

This nifty little pocket toolbox from the Card Factory is a brilliant stocking filler for the dad that loves DIY!

These pocket-sized tools in a pocket-sized toolbox mean that your dad can carry around tools with him wherever he goes.

For just £2.99 your dad will have a little rubber-handled screwdriver with cross-head bits, flat-head bits, and a socket adapter, giving him the chance to fix everything in sight whether he’s at work, at home, in the pub, or out and about on holiday!


There you have it, some fantastic Christmas gifts for dad this year. Whether your old man is a DIY nut or loves beer, whisky, football, or vinyl, we’ve included something for everyone and for any budget. Let us know what you end up buying your dad for Christmas this year and if you do buy anything off our list, please let us know how it was received.