Top Apple Watch Apps For Students Revealed | 2022

An Apple Watch makes it impossible to have an excuse as to why you aren’t fit, organised, productive, listening to podcasts and a trivia expert all at the same time.

The thing is, there are so many apps out there that purport to streamline your very existence that downloading them all would be very counterproductive indeed. So, we’ve hacked this for you and brought you the ultimate list of life organising apps available for students on Apple Watch. 

1. Cheatsheet 

man working on his apple watch

Picture this, it is late at night, and you’ve inserted your house alarm code incorrectly, sirens blazing, neighbour’s dog now howling…

You scroll through your hundreds of poorly organised and mislabelled phone notes, vision blurry from the stress, phone screen unresponsive for the sheen of sweat under your thumbs. Thankfully with Cheatsheet, this scenario is a fiction of the past because you will have the answer right there on your wrist.

With Cheatsheet, you can create small, useful notes, like your licence plate, ID number and even your own phone number if that’s what you need. This information is then stored on the face of your watch and available at a glance. For the visual learners, you can add a unique icon for each ‘cheat’ to help organise the information.

Price: Free

2. Focus To-Do

girl studying hard

Focus To-Do is an app designed to assist you with revision and focusing your time. The app is centred around the Pomodoro Technique, something we are always talking about.

The Pomodoro Technique is designed to maximise your productivity by limiting your focus time to 25-minute sections. The theory removes all distractions and focuses on the one task for 25 minutes, followed by a short break. Obviously, we all know how distracting it is to work near your phone – the constant chimes, buzzes and whistles insisting they should have your attention.

Focus To-Do allows you to set timers and break lengths with the added benefit of being on your wrist rather than an app on your phone. That’s why we like this Apple Watch app because you can use the Pomodoro timer on your watch and remove your phone from the equation entirely.

Price: This is a free app, but it includes in-app purchases.

3. iStudiez Pro 

study planner

This is a totally legendary planner for students, helping you keep track of tutorials, timetables and even opening hours for essential buildings like the library!

The app is super easy to use and navigate, giving the option to colour code your information and set reminders for everything from study periods to assignment deadlines. The best thing is, it’s all on your wrist! No more excuses for arriving to seminars late because you’re lost or misplaced your student planner.

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

4. Headspace


Deep breath in, hold two, three, deep breath out. Again in, and out.

Just as all your anxieties and stresses begin to melt away from the day and you begin to see the road to enlightenment open up before you, ping!

Someone you don’t know has posted a scathing tweet about a celebrity from Y2K, which contains a spelling mistake. You can’t resist. You must respond, “your… not you’re!”

Thirty minutes doom scrolling later, you’re tenser than ever and in no place to begin mindful meditation.

This happens to us all too often. Mindfulness apps on your phone are fraught with immediate distraction from the very tool supposed to be easing your mind of all worldly concerns. Headspace on the Apple Watch is perfect for really embracing meditation without distractions. It offers a vast array of reflections for all moods uses your data to help reduce stress, improve sleep and increase your exercise.

Price: Headspace offers subscriptions for monthly or annual fees.

5. Water Reminder 

drinkin water

Now the name may not give it away the first time, but Water Reminder is an app that is designed to remind you to drink water. Remaining hydrated results in a host of health benefits, including sleep and staying focused.

Even if you carry your own reusable water bottle around with you every day and even if it has the time of day you should be drinking down the side, sometimes it just isn’t enough. The cool thing about this app is that it can measure your intake on your Apple Watch, and it’s super simple. Water Reminder lets you know if you’ve been too long without a drink and helps you know exactly what you should be drinking each day.

Price: Free

6. Merriam-Webster Dictionary 


This isn’t just a pocket dictionary that features every word on earth, searchable in seconds. It also incorporates quizzes and fun facts about language to help you learn and improve both vocabulary and understanding of English.

The daily word feature is a great way to expand your lexicon, particularly if you are studying English or just want to build up your vocab. The app also has synonyms, antonyms and audio pronunciation for tricky words, perfect if English isn’t your first language.

The app store has so many incredible apps that can have a massive impact on your day to day life and organisation. You should also get familiar with the apps which come as standard with your watch. Calculator, Activity, Breathe, Alarms, Timers, Health, and Mail are all apps that will prove to be vital on a daily basis.

Another thing to remember is that ultimate productivity is not something you can achieve overnight. It often takes years to introduce lasting habits into your life and productivity is a skill that requires regular practice. The key is to keep making the correct decisions and set yourself up for success as often as you can; making small positive decisions daily will bring long term results.

Need a bit of chill after all that productivity on your wrist? Settle down with a self help book to get you through Uni. With a brilliant range to choose from, you’re bound to find one suited to you!