20 Amazing Galentine's Day Gifts To Get Your Bestie In 2023

Your gal pals will be some of the greatest humans to ever set foot on this earth, after all, they’ve most likely been by your side during every single high and low.

Considering 2023 is ‘that girl’ year, we’re alllllll about keeping ourselves and others around us happy, so why not spend this Galentine’s Day treating your bestie? 

From renowned relaxing pamper nights to skin care bits they’ll use on the daily to memories they’ll always cherish, you’ve been blessed here with a huge list of the best Galentine’s Day gifts to get your bestie. 

Spread the cute vibes this year and let the gals in your life know how much you love em’!

galentine's day gifts

When Is Galentine’s Day 2023

Galentine’s Day falls on the Monday 13th February this year.

Whilst it may be the beginning of the week, there’s no better way to spend a Monday than with your fave gals, right?! 

It essentially came into our lives with the knowledge that being single isn’t a bad thing whatsoever, and we shouldn’t pull ourselves down JUST because we don’t have a partner in our lives *PREACH*

We shouldn’t live our lives just by the status of our relationships, or in fear that we’re going to be single forever, we should be spending this time celebrating our best friends and focusing on the positives in our life. 

Enough of the pep talk, let’s celebrate Galentine’s Day in style and dive into our incredible list of the best gift ideas this year…

galentines day timetable

1. Mini Ugg Boots

If you’re on Tiktok then you’ll understand where we’re coming from – these Ultra Mini Ugg Boots are to die for!

Fashion predictions (somehow) knew these boots were going to come back into fashion and we’re not mad about it.

You might struggle to get them in their size as they’ve been sold out for a hot minute.

When they do come back you need to pick them up ASAP.

They’re the perfect gift to get your bestie this Winter time, and they’re even wearable through till spring considering they’re so mini.

Ugg boots with fluff on to buy for galentines day

2. Makeup Revolution Bright Light Highlighter Strobe Champagne (Charlotte Tilbury Dupe)

Keeping on with the Tiktok theme, have you spotted the Charlotte Tilbury dupe on Tiktok?

It’s obviously by the one and only – Revolution – and is said to be one of the best dupes of all time.

You may want to add more to your budget ‘cos this is the sort of present you’re going to want to buy for yourself as well.

Thankfully, this is an affordable present which your gal pal will LOVE!

Charlotte tilbury dupe

@makeuprevolution – Instagram

3. Dyson Airwrap Dupe

Okay so, if you’ve got a FYP like ours then you’re bound to be inundated with Dyson Airwrap videos – right?

It’s painful, especially when you’re a student with no income and it’s £450 altogether…

However, the best case scenario is buying them the BaByliss Air Style, a pretty impressive dupe which will blow your bestie away.

Featuring detachable heads, this is the perfect present at an extremely affordable price – what’s not to love?

dyson airwrap dupe

@charleneaclempson – Instagram

4. Wowcher Mystery £99 Holiday Deal

If you’ve got a bit of extra money to spend, why not treat your best friend to a £99 Wowcher Holiday?

It’s the luck of the draw really on where you’ll be given, but it’s definitely a fun gift that will get you excited to find out exactly where you’ll be ending up!

You could end up going to the likes of New York, Budapest, Rome, Prague, Dubai, the possibilities are endless.

If you ask us, there’s no better present than a nice holiday with your bestie, enjoying a new city, exploring new bars and restaurants, delving into the history and culture – we’re obsessed!

Want to know more about the Wowcher £99 gift?

Check out the terms and conditions for a bit more info. 

cheap holiday abroad

5. Self Care Pamper Set

Self Care Sundays are a weekly ritual in our lives, they’re a great way to relax and keep prepared for the week ahead.

However, this love affair isn’t cheap, it costs £££ to invest in face masks, serums and body scrubs to keep us feeling fresh for longer. 

One of our favourite gift ideas for your besties is through making a self care pamper set. 

Grab yourself a hamper basket and fill it with goodies they’ll love.

You can find some of the best fillers from Boots, Superdrug and Beauty Bay

You could even buy a self care set for yourself too and have a spa day at home with your bestie for Galentine’s Day!

self care for galentines day 2022

6. Afternoon Tea

If you’re after a unique gift which will be a memory to cherish forever, why not get booked into a quaint cafe for Afternoon Tea?

It’s the perfect excuse for getting out of your student accommodation and celebrating without thinking of relationships.

Thinking of keeping it cheap, make sure to check out Wowcher for some of the best deals, or even head to Groupon.

a delicious selection of things to eat for afternoon tea

7. Bottomless Brunch

On the hunt for unlimited cocktails and a whole lotta food? If so, you need to book a day at Bottomless Brunch. 

A recent phenomenon among Millennials, Bottomless Brunch is the best way to celebrate Galentine’s Day in 2023 and your girls are going to fall in love. 

Most bars and restaurants will offer some sort of Bottomless Brunch, so make sure to head to your faves websites and get a reservation now – you won’t regret it!

Some of our favourite spots for a bottomless brunch like no other are Revolution, Turtle Bay & Slug and Lettuce! 

bottomless brunch Galentine's Day gifts

8. Theatre Tickets

If you’re looking for day gifts this February, there’s so many shows in the Theatre that you just have to book a ticket to one now!

There’s so many different theatre shows out there, whether it’s watching Mamma Mia and singing along to the best ABBA tunes, delving into the world of Wicked or even having a barrel of laughs at a stand-up comedy show.

You can get together, have some drinks, a cheeky bite to eat beforehand and

Head to ATG tickets and look at the options they have in February and beyond, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll all love.

theatre tickets to buy around the uk

9. Hotel and Spa

Who doesn’t LOVE a hotel night with a spa?!?

The feeling of relaxation and being pampered will for sure take away from the Valentine’s Day blues.

We know this period can be super expensive, so why not make a reservation for a couple of weeks?

It will most likely save you a heap of money and give you something in the calendar to look forward to. 

You can gather with your besties, unwind in the pool area, enjoy a treatment and cheers with a few tipples – sounds bliss!

hotel and spa night Galentine's Day gifts

10. Matching Tattoos

Okay so this is a slight step out of our comfort zone, but why not spend your pennies on getting matching tattoos?

Yes, it might be a rogue idea but if you’re friends for life then a matching tattoo is a cute way to show your love for one another. 

Speak to some of your friends, get recommendations and search online for reviews before putting down a deposit, ‘cos this is something you’ve got for life and you don’t want to regret it!

get matching tattoos with your best friend for galentines day

@meganscribbleink – Instagram

11. Personalised Yankee Candle 

Picture your pal chilling out with their self care set AND lighting their very own personalised Yankee Candlean at home spa for sure!

It might not seem like a lot, but candles are the way to your gals heart.

Yankee Candles are just unreal and you can even make your own personalised candle for your bestie with a photo of you both and a little note.

It’s a memorable and one of a kind gift which gives the most wholesome vibes, and you can even choose the fragrance.

personalised yankee candle Galentine's Day gifts

12. Friendship Keyrings

For something small and budget friendly, Friendship Keyrings are a lovely gift that can be kept forever. 

If your bestie has a car, it’ll look great on their car keys too.

Etsy offers some of the cutest styles to pick from, so we suggest heading here if you need some inspiration!

present ideas to get

@daisychainskeyrings – Instagram

13. Personalised Best Friend Prints

Ranging from £5-£15, why not head to Etsy and order a print of you and your friends?

You can send through pictures for them to digitalise or draw, and can even personalise by putting your names on the artwork!

These paid commissions are a great way to get something unique for your girls and support small businesses out there.

prints to get for your best friend

@peonygreydesigns – Instagram

14. Indoor/Outdoor Plants

Giving the gift of a plant is definitely not top of the list, but if you’ve got a green thumb as a bestie then they’re going to fall in love!

It’s like having a pet, just without the excessive maintenance and attachment issues – so really, what’s not to love?

Urban Outfitters do a good range of plants, planters and terrariums.

You can get some for as cheap as £5 and they even do student discount too!

indoor plants with wooden baskets

@onceit – Instagram

15. Crystals

Picking a crystal for your friends can be a difficult task, especially when there’s so many to choose from!

If you don’t know much about crystals, why not take a read of Tiny Rituals blog and learn more about the perfect crystals for your bestie.

You could even get them a birthstone crystal – that would be amaaazing.

There’s so many different sites out their for buying crystals, take a look on Etsy.

jewellery to wear

@earthwovencrystals – Instagram

16. PRETTYLITTLETHING Mystery Beauty Box

Getting your bestie a PRETTYLITTLETHING Mystery Beauty Box is such a brilliant gift for Galentine’s Day!

The box is worth over £40 and has a mixture of makeup and skincare essentials so, you’re guaranteed to find something your friend doesn’t have. 

It can be a risky option however, as it really is the luck of the draw for what they get. 

But for £15 you can’t complain, and who doesn’t love PLT?!

pretty little thing beauty mystery box


17. Self Help Books

Self Help Books are so popular amongst every student right now, providing a wide array of solutions and keys to improving almost every aspect of human life.

When it comes to university, we have some of the best to read to make the most out of the experience.

They’d be a great Galentine’s Day present for your friends and we know they’re going to benefit massively from reading them!

There’s so many different self help books out there with some of the most popular, The Mountain Is You, Atomic Habits and Women Don’t Owe You Pretty to name a few.

reading for hours

@gracebeverley – Instagram

18. Perfume

Being complimented on your smell because of the perfume you’re wearing is literally one of the best ways to be complimented. Period. 

There’s so many different brands of perfume to choose from, like Alien, Black Opium and Ariana Grande Cloud, you’re bound to find a smell which will transform your bestie out of this world!

For some more affordable options, you could treat them to a nice Victoria Secret Body Spray cos’ they smell unreal.

smelling fresh on galentines day

@glambyrebecca_ – Instagram

19. Personalised Notebook

There’s just something about personalised Galentine’s Day gifts which will put a huge smile on your besties face, and that’s exactly what we want to do. 

Brands like CG London, Papier and Martha Brook offer some of the best personalised notebooks on the market, whether it be wellness journals, daily planners or even gratitude notebooks.

You can get exactly what you want here, fitted within a cheap budget!

cgd london diary to keep happy and organised

@cgdlondon – Instagram

20. Drinking Games

Last but not least in our guide to Galentine’s Day gifts, why not buy a brilliant pre-drinks game which will get the night started right? 

This way, it’s not just a gift for them cos’ you gals can play it together the next time you get-together and have a few bevvs.

Get the party vibes flowing in your student flat and treat your bestie to a drinking game.

We’ve listed the best to try on Galentine’s Day, check them out below! 

lets get tipsy drinking game and cake

@tipsygamesuk – Etsy

And that’s a wrap! We hope you’ve gained some inspiration for what gifts to get your friends this Galentine’s Day 2023.

There are so many amazing options to suit all budgets – they’ll be happy with absolutely anything (that’s important to remember).

Even if you can’t afford to get your bestie something for Galentine’s, spending quality time together will be fab!

Are you single for valentines and wondering what fun things you can do? Take a read of our guide.