8 Of The Most Romantic Films To Watch On Netflix This Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, who’s got their go to film at the ready?

If you’re stumped with what to watch, be sure to check out our guide with the best romantic films on Netflix.

Whether you’re planning to watch with your significant other or you’re single and wanting something good to whack on, these films are not ones to shy away from with something for everyone to stream.

Everyone’s seen the classic rom-coms out there and after seeing them two many times, it can leave you wanting to discover new on-theme films to watch. And also because of the fact that Netflix UK regularly updates their streaming list!

So, get your comfy attire on and the popcorn in hand at your student flat cos’ here’s what you need to be watching for the season of love…

valentine's day films netflix

1. The In Between

Netflix actress Joey King is like the Queen of romance films at the minute, and the recently released The In Between is for sure something to add to your watchlist.

This coming–of-age love story is based on the film of the same name by Marc Klein and follows a young girl named Tessa who deals with young love, grief, and romance.

After surviving a car accident that sadly killed her boyfriend Skylar (Kyle Allen), Tessa believes he’s attempting to reconnect with her from the after world.

Released only last year, if you haven’t watched it yet and you’re a romance lover, it’s perfect for a weeknight watch.

Spoiler alert, be prepared to shed a few tears as it does get a bit emotional – that’s all expected with romance films though!

2. Purple Hearts

When it comes to the best films to stream for Valentine’s Day, Netflix’s Purple Hearts is an absolute must-watch.

In case you haven’t heard of this viral film which has been making the rounds on our TikTok feeds since last summer, the story follows Cassie, a struggling singer-songwriter who agrees to marry a troubled Marine, Luke, for military benefits.

This isn’t the typical ‘love at first sight’ type of story that we’re so used to seeing, in fact it’s far from it.

The line between real and pretend begins to blur as we move further into the film and well, we’ll leave the rest up to you to discover this V-Day.

The brilliant soundtrack of the film will leave you singing along with Sofia Carson, who plays the lead role of Cassie, performing all eight songs and co-writing the first four!

To fully delve into the plot, make sure to watch the trailer…

3. Caught by a Wave

Next on our line up of the best films to watch for all your Netflix needs this Valentine’s Day is Caught by a Wave.

This coming-of-age romance film follows two high school students, Sara and Lorenzo who meet in a summer camp in Sicily and fall in love with each other.

Without giving too much of the plot away, their summer fling quickly develops into a tear-jerking love story that forces a boy and girl to grow up too quickly.

If you’re someone who wants a feel good film to whack on for the holidays, we’d say steer clear, but if you’re after a romantic drama to get the box of tissues flowing, give it a go!

Give the trailer a watch and see for yourself, just prepare for a good cry.

4. Love, Guaranteed

For something a little bit more lighthearted, this next film is a top watch for Valentine’s Day.

Love, Guaranteed follows Susan, a lawyer who takes a high-paying case from Nick, a charming new client who wants to sue a dating website that guarantees love.

Soon, however, as the case develops, so do Susan and Nick’s feelings for each other.

What will happen next? Will the sparks continue to fly? Well you’ll have to watch and find out!

If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, spend the day curled up on the couch with some snacks and give it a watch.

We’re certain this cheesy yet entertaining rom-com will certainly have you feeling the love, give the trailer a watch below.

5. Someone Great

In preparation for the most romantic day of the year, get streaming Netflix’s Someone Great.

The film follows the story of Jenny, a music journalist who is dumped by her long-term boyfriend, and recruits her two best friends for one last outrageous adventure in New York City before she moves to San Francisco.

We’ve all been there, right? Preparing for new beginnings and seeking out adventure with our closest friends?

Well, for those who have and love a film about platonic love, you need to give this a watch for Valentine’s Day.

It features the ultimate sisterhood vibes and highlights that you don’t need someone new to make you happy.

Watch the trailer and see if it’s for you, we reckon you’ll love it as much as we did.

6. Persuasion

Whether you’re looking for something to stream for an at-home date night or are just wanting a solo night in, Persuasion is up there with one of our favourites.

Everyone loves a film about the one who got away, don’t they? If you’re a sucker for second chances you really need to watch this Netflix romance for Valentine’s Day.

Starring Dakota Johnson this film is a witty take on Jane Austen’s novel and follows Anne Elliot eight years after she was persuaded not to marry a dashing man of humble origins.

The two meet again and she must choose between putting the past behind her or listening to her heart. What will she choose?

Get watching to find out, it’s the ultimate heartfelt story!

7. Heart Shot

There’s plenty of Valentine’s Day films on Netflix, but when it comes to LGBT representation, our current go-to on the streaming platform has to be Heart Shot.

This short romance film directed by Marielle Woods follows two teenagers Nikki and Sam who are in love and planning their future together.

Adrenaline kicks in as Nikki’s dangerous past returns to threaten everything.

Will they stay together or will it be the end of their love story? You’ll be on the edge of your seat.

The best part is, if you’re just after a quick watch the running time of this entertaining and emotionally engaging film is less than 20 minutes.

We reckon it’s an ideal watch if you’re heading out for a date!

8. Along for the Ride

Cosy up and get your movie night well and truly underway this Valentine’s by watching Along for the Ride.

This Netflix romance drama is based on the novel of the same name and follows two teenagers Auden and Eli as they meet during the summer before college – coming of age films just hit differently, don’t you think?

While the seaside town of Colby sleeps, the two lovers embark on nightly adventures to help Auden experience the fun, carefree life she never knew she wanted.

So, are you along for the ride and ready to watch? No pun intended, of course!

Check out the trailer below for this Netflix romance, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it as much as us.

Regardless of whether you’re spending the celebrations with your significant other, with your Galentine’s or even riding solo, these 8 best Valentine’s Day movies on Netflix will get the romance in the air.

Got a better love stories for us to curl up on the couch and watch for V-Day? We’d love to hear from you fellow hopeless romantics @urbanstudentlife.

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