7 Tips For Changing Up Your Skincare Routine For Cold Weather

As Autumn draws in and Winter is just around the corner, it is not only your wardrobe that requires a makeover. 

With the cold weather starting to set in, our skin can become a lot dryer, break out, become dull or show age spots, pigmentation or redness – this is the sign it is time to take a look at your skincare routine. 

If you didn’t know, your skincare routine needs to be modified throughout the year in accordance with the ever changing seasons.

This is to help you keep your skin healthy and keep that “Summer glow” all year round. 

Not everything needs to change but it can be beneficial to swap a few things around to keep your skin radiant and hydrated in these harsher months. 

These 7 tips will help you alter your skincare routine in preparation for the cold weather we are about to experience – carry on reading to find out! 

cold weather skincare

1. Less Acids, More Oils

Using products that have acids in, for example, Retinol can dry out the skin, this does not work in your favour when Autumn and Winter comes along when your skin is already dry and sensitive from the harsh conditions. 

You don’t need to stop using them completely, but we recommend switching to a more gentle product to avoid skin irritation and help your skin retain some moisture.

Oil based products are the way to go in the colder climates.

Why? Oils will help skin improve moisture retention over a long period of time which is definitely needed when you are constantly changing temperature.

We recommend changing your cleanser to one that is oil based.

Alternatively you can find cleansers that are cream or balm based. 

These will help cleanse your face with minimal disruption, keeping skin healthy and soft.

Oil based products

2. Get Your Daily Vitamins Dose

To maintain that “Summer glow” all year round, be sure to get those all important vitamins. 

Namely vitamin C which helps to brighten up and improve skin so it can stay moisturised and protected.

Brightening serums and moisturisers containing vitamin C are the way to go and are only a small change to what you currently use in your skin routine daily.

Vitamin D is also an important part of your skincare! 

In the Summer with the sun shining your skin produces vitamin D but when Autumn and Winter come along, the sun shines less so you produce less vitamin D.

This is where a vitamin D supplement comes in, this will help not only your skin, hair and nails but also your muscles, bones and immune system.

Products are not the only solution to your problems though. 

What you eat can influence how your skin looks. 

We recommend eating foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants to make you glow from the inside out.

Vitamin c skincare

3. Moisturising Is Your Friend

If you do one thing this Autumn/Winter it should be moisturising!

Your skin is always the driest in the colder weather so anything you can use to hydrate your skin is a win. 

One of the best ways to do this if you don’t have much time throughout the day is to use products that can be kept on throughout the night, this includes masks, balms and salves that don’t need to be rinsed off.

Alternatively swapping your moisturiser for a thicker and richer one will help retain any hydration your skin gets. 

Plus implementing a night cream will help skin heal and brighten up whilst you rest.

Under your eyes is a delicate area so a thick, hard-working eye cream to add to your skincare routine will be beneficial – especially in reducing the chance of wrinkles.

It’s not only your face that needs some care, it is also the rest of your body. 

We recommend moisturising after a shower to replenish and hydrate so you will be glowing from head to toe.

moisturising skincare routine

4. You Still Need To Use SPF

The one item your skincare routine should include all year round is SPF. 

It may be gloomier in Autumn and Winter but the UV rays from the sun are always there.

No matter how much you think you are protected, always add SPF every day, especially to every part that is exposed to the elements – including neck, ears and hands.

We’d recommend purchasing an SPF moisturiser or face cream. 

Looking after your skin doesn’t mean spending a fortune on tons of high end products, trust us! 

SPF skincare cold weather

5. You Still Need To Exfoliate

Even as it gets colder, you still need to exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells and dry skin.

A gentle exfoliator will help you get rid of the build up of dead skin cells without too much disruption to the moisture of the skin. 

It ensures that your pores are clean and unclogged and helps keep your skin smooth and free of blemishes.

You could try chemical peels – they exfoliate the skin, encourage new cell growth and help rebuild collagen. 

This results in brighter and smoother skin, to help keep that youthful look. 

Do note that these are to be done in a clinic and your skin will be temporarily more sensitive to sunlight so stay out of the sun as much as you can and still apply SPF.

Exfoliating skin cold weather skincare

6. Stay Hydrated

Having healthy skin starts from the inside, so that is the best place to start.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water no matter what season it is. 

Regardless of how many products you use it can not make up for the benefits of drinking enough water.

Drinking a cold glass of water is not that appealing during Autumn and Winter.

So, why not go for a hot cup of water with a little bit of lemon to warm you up and keep you hydrated? 

Staying hydrated

7. Day & Night Routines

Products can only help you so far, what you do each day and night will impact how these will help you.

Sleep can influence how well your skin looks, we recommend getting a full 8 hours restful sleep to help get that “Summer glow” and reduce those bags under your eyes. 

Switching off your phone and any other devices and having at least a 2 hour break from them before bed can help you sleep better and protect you from the negative impacts these devices can have.

Did you know, how often you change your bed cover can influence how your skin looks?

The cleaner they are the less likely you are to have blemishes so regularly changing them can benefit you in the long run.

Prevention is better than cure!

Day and Night skincare routines

Where To Find These Products?

There are many products on the market today, so there are plenty of options available to choose from when it comes to finding skincare items for the cold weather. 

The main retailers are Boots and Superdrug, with plenty of stores throughout the UK.

Why not pop down to your local store in your uni city or town? 

Or head over to their website and order online for collection or delivery.

Remember, it’s Black Friday soon so you could find some good deals on skincare products! 

For more options check out Beauty Bay and Look Fantastic, they are online retailers with plenty of different skincare brands to check out.

There are various other sites as well to choose from, be sure to check them all out to ensure you get the best deal.

Don’t forget to use your student discount and take advantage of any offers available either in store or online!

Skincare product shopping

That is it for our 7 tips for changing your skincare routine for the cold weather. 

We hope this has helped and you can implement these changes whilst in your student accommodation

As the weather gets colder, finding ways to keep warm becomes more important. A good way to keep warm is to grab a hot beverage. 

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