10 Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas For 2023

Mother’s Day in the UK is fast approaching on March 19th, with only a few weeks to go you may be on the hunt for the best gifts to treat your mum this year.

There’s so much pressure to get your mum the perfect present, because there’s nothing better than showing your mum how much you appreciate her and putting a smile on her face, right?

Although, it can be hard to find presents to suit your student budget, which is where we come in handy.

We’ve researched the best 10 presents for Mother’s Day 2023 with something to suit every Momma so, no matter what your mum likes, we’re sure you’ll bag the ultimate gift.

Thankfully, you still have a few weeks to get everything sorted and delivered to your student flat so carry on reading for our top picks!

mothers day gift ideas

1. Afternoon Tea Gift Set

For something a little different to other Mother’s Day gift ideas, treat your Mum to an afternoon tea gift set this year.

This way, you can bring the afternoon tea to the comfort of your own home which we’re sure your mum will really appreciate.

We mean, who doesn’t love curling up on the couch, watching some telly and enjoying some scones and jam? It’s every mothers dream!

There’s plenty of afternoon tea gift sets which you can get online and delivered through the post to suit your mum’s preferences and your budget.

Check out this website’s Mother’s Day Gift Hampers for a wholesome afternoon tea at home.

afternoon tea gift set

Photo by: Hampers.com

2. Gift An Experience

Make your mums day by gifting her with an experience this Mother’s Day.

There’s so many experiences out there from luxury spa days to short breaks to flying experiences to wine tasting tours to days out.

We know, no two mums are the same but there are plenty of options when it comes to experiences to suit your mum, as well as to match your budget.

This unique mothers day present is super thoughtful and is bound to score you some top child points!

There are plenty of gift experience websites out there to give your mum something truly special such as Buy A Gift, and Virgin Experience Days.

Take a look and see what activity you and your mum can do together!

gift an experience mothers day

3. Letterbox Flowers

Next up within our post to Mother’s Day gift ideas are letterbox flowers, which are perfect for students who are unable to head home for March 19th.

Flowers are something that every mother loves, so you can’t go wrong with gifting them to your mum this year.

There are so many different types of stunning flowers out there which you can order online to fit through your mum’s letterbox.

This present will really delight your mum, so head over to Moonpig to shop for a flower or plant which she will love.

They’re currently doing free delivery too meaning you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank!

letter box flowers mothers day presents

Photo by: Moonpig

4. Beauty Pamper Kit

Need help finding the best mothers day gift? This next present idea will show your mum how much you love and appreciate her.

For the ultimate at home relaxation and wellness, gift your mum with a beauty pamper kit this year.

Whether she’s someone who loves chilling with a facemask on whilst watching a film, someone who loves a nice bath with a scented candle, or someone who prefers reading a book with herbal tea, there’s a variety of self care hampers out there to suit every mum’s style.

Provide your mum with some well needed me time this year through a beauty pamper kit, there’s tons of online sites which offer them such as Etsy and Not On The High Street.

beauty pamper kit mothers day gift ideas

Photo by: Not On The High Street

5. Personalised Photo Book

Give your Mum a token of your love this Mother’s Day with a personalised photo book full of images of you and your family.

We reckon this is the ultimate personalised present for your mum if she loves looking back on captured memories – we’re talking about the mothers who sit and scroll through their camera roll!

There’s a range of different personalised photo books you can order online on Funky Pigeon, where you can choose your own photos, styles, captions and layouts.

All the moments your mum loves in one book, what wouldn’t she love about that?

personalised photo book mothers day

6. DIY Pottery Kit

Celebrate your mum aka your absolute bestie for Mother’s Day with a DIY pottery kit.

If your mother has a creative streak, or wants to take up some new hobbies then this could be a great gift idea for her.

There’s pottery kits out there to create your own vases, trinket dishes, plant pots, mugs, candle holders and more, so you can choose a kit to suit your mum.

One which we particularly love is the Noah Starter Kit which features everything your mum will need to get sculpting and delve into the world of pottery.

You’ll bring a ceramics taster to your mum’s home with this present!

DIY Pottery Kit mothers day

Photo by: Noah’s Box

7. Birthstone Necklace

Your mum deserves something as special as she is this Mother’s Day, and we’re sure she’ll absolutely love a custom birthstone necklace.

If you wanted to, you could even get a matching birthstone necklace for you and your mum, this way you can both be close to each other’s hearts – cute vibes.

Etsy has a range of birthstone necklaces to suit every style and budget, so take a look for some inspiration.

Out of all the mother’s day presents, we’ve fallen in love with this and may have to buy one for ourselves!

birthstone necklaces mother's day

8. Theatre Or Concert Tickets

This next Mother’s Day gift idea is sure to please, we mean you can’t beat going to a theatre show or to a concert can you?

If your mother figure loves heading out to watch a performance or singing her heart out at a gig, then search online to find shows taking place near you and surprise her with tickets.

This is something she can look forward to and you both can go together to make some unforgettable memories!

Tickets to a show or concert are a little pricier than our other top picks, but if you’re wanting to put a huge smile on your mum’s face, it’s worth spending that little bit more.

theatre show tickets mother's day gift ideas

9. Book Subscription Box

If your mum is a book lover then spoil her with a subscription box this Mother’s Day.

The way they work is you choose handpicked books to deliver to your mum weekly or monthly depending on your desired subscription choice.

Then, you just await her surprise as it gets delivered directly to her front door.

Not only will you be gifting your loved one, but after your mums read the books, she could pass them on to you and recommend her favourite ones – it’s a win, win!

Don’t wait, discover some of the book subscription boxes on Happily Ever After Book Box and get ordering for a literary treat for your mum.

book subscription box mother's day gift ideas

Photo by: Happily Ever Book Box

10. Gardening Subscription Box

Our final Mother’s Day gift idea is ideal for those mums who love nothing more than spending hours in their garden, or those who want to get into gardening.

So, if this applies for your mum then give her a gardening subscription box for your mothers day 2023 celebration.

We’re sure she will be delighted with this British Seed Subscription which is delivered once a month and has a variety of British grown wildflower seeds, fact cards and mini accessories inside.

You can even add a personalised gift note message to send to your mum for when she opens it up, how sweet is that!

gardening subscription box mother's day gift ideas

Photo by: Not On The High Street

These Mother’s Day gifts will make your mum feel cherished so, go on treat her and get your presents boxed off!

Remember, no matter what Mother’s Day gift ideas you decide upon, it’s the thought that counts.

So, even getting a card and spending time with your mother is enough, we’re sure she’ll appreciate it.

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